Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 43

He makes a sound like he’s in pain. “Just as much a dirty little slut as ever.”

“I miss your mouth. I miss it so much, I think I might die if you don’t give me your tongue right now.”

“Did I tell you to stop holding the chair?”

Instantly, I lift my arms over my head and grip the chair. “Sorry.”

“Spoiled.” He moves to wedge himself between my thighs. “Needy.” He exhales against my clit. “Demanding.”

I stare down my body as he parts my pussy. Behind him, I see movement in a window on the other side of the fence. “Your neighbors are watching,” I whisper.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it, baby girl? You’re naked in my backyard, tits on full display, your pussy practically weeping for me. You want them to look.” He inhales slowly. “Is it that bastard Richard?”

I have to struggle not to lift my hips, not to close that last little bit of distance between us. “Yes.” I don’t raise my voice. “He’s standing in his window.”

“Probably wishing he was in my position right now, about to taste your pretty pussy.” He urges my thighs wider. “You’re going to put on a show for him, aren’t you, baby girl? Let him know exactly how good your Daddy makes you feel.”

Chapter 22

Shane finally, finally dips his head down and makes contact. Our moans mingle at the first swipe of his tongue. I can’t take my eyes off him, off the bliss on his face as he tongues my pussy. My breasts are heaving with each inhale and I know we paint a sinful picture, him fully clothed with his head between my thighs, me naked and splayed, fully on display. “Do you think he wants to fuck me, Daddy?” I’m fighting to hold still, to not thrash as he tongues me. “Do you think he wants to sink into my tight pussy and watch my breasts shake as I bounce on his cock?”

Shane plasters one hand on my lower stomach and lifts his head to glare at me. “Yes, Lily, that’s exactly what I think he wants.”

I risk letting go of the lounge chair and sink my hands into his silvering hair. It’s a little longer than the last time he had me in this position. “Too bad.” I lift my hips and rub myself against his mouth. It feels even filthier because he doesn’t move. He just holds still and lets me grind on him like the dirty little slut I am. “Too bad,” I repeat. “This pussy is just for you.”

And then his mouth is on me and this time he stops playing around. He whips us both into a frenzy, sucking and licking me until I’m panting and a faint sheen of sweat rises from my skin. “Oh god, I’m going to come.”

“No, you’re not.” He pulls me up and reverses our positions, dropping onto the lounge chair and settling me astride him. “Take out my cock. You want to come, you come on my dick.”

I undo his pants with trembling hands and draw his cock out. He’s even bigger than I remember and I bite my bottom lip as I stroke him. “You want me to let you inside with no condom, Daddy?” I hold him steady and rub myself against his length. “You want me to ride you bare?”

“Get on my cock, Lily. Don’t make me tell you again.”

I brace one hand on his shoulder and guide him to my entrance. “Fuck, you’re so big.” I writhe a little as I try to take him deeper. “I forgot how big you are.”

“So fucking tight,” Shane mutters. He grips my hips, pressing me down, ever down.

I gasp. “It’s too much.”

“No it’s not.” He doesn’t stop, just keeps working me on his cock. “You’re going to take every inch, because you’re a good girl and that’s what good girls do. They take their Daddy’s cocks to the hilt.” And then, impossibly, I do.

I rest my forehead against his as he keeps me pinned down onto him, not letting either of us move. “I missed you so much. Not just this. You.”

“I missed you, too, Lily.” He shifts his head a little and then his mouth is on mine. Shane kisses me like he owns me, like he never doubted for a second that I’d make my way back to him. He kisses me like he’ll never get enough.

Finally, finally, he breaks the kiss. “Now ride my cock. Show everyone watching what a good girl you are.”

I reach behind me and brace my hands on his thighs. I don’t care if the entire neighborhood is watching. All that matters is the way Shane looks at me. He runs his hands up and down the front of my body. Cupping my breasts. Playing with my nipples. Circling my clit. Driving my desire higher and higher with each touch. He finally rests his thumb against my clit, letting me grind against that contact point. “Are you trying to hold out, Lily?”