Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 39

I should stay silent, shouldn’t play this game with him. It’s too seductive to imagine what our life might be like if we didn’t have all the obstacles in the way. But with his big cock filling me, I forget all the reasons this is dangerous to my heart. I just want to please him, want to chase the pleasure already building in my body with each thrust. “I want you to take me out to dinner. Eat me out when you pick me up. Take my panties because I’m your dirty little slut.” I moan, and he slows down, his expression intent on my face. It takes a few seconds to catch my breath to continue. “And then I want you to fuck me in the parking lot. Fill me up with your come so that it’s making a mess of me all through dinner. Every time I move, I’ll feel you and know how bad I am.”

“That won’t be enough for you, though. Will it?” He starts fucking me again, slamming into me over and over again. “You won’t be satisfied with two orgasms. The first time I turn around, you’ll have your hand up your skirt.”

“Your hand,” I moan. “You put your hand on my knee, and I’ll slide it up until you’re fucking me with your fingers.”

“Better be quiet, baby girl. In a room surrounded by people, you can’t come loud and messy like you normally do.”

“I will. I promise I will.”

Shane leans down and slips an arm around my waist so he can move us fully onto the bed. He kneels between my legs and presses my thighs up and out, opening me obscenely. “Look at how greedy your pussy is for my cock.”

Helpless to resist, I look down. His thick length disappears into me again and again. I’m soaked. My pussy, my thighs, his cock. All of it wet with my desire. “So needy,” Shane murmurs. “Tell me again how you’re finished with this cock, how you’ll go the rest of your life without having me inside you again. Tell me you want to walk away.”

Something like a sob works its way up my throat. “Shane, please.”

“Tell me this wouldn’t work, Lily. Tell me that you don’t like how you feel when you’re with me, when I’m taking care of you. Tell me you don’t love me.”

A dam breaks inside me and words rush forth. “I do. That’s the problem. I do like all those things. I do love you.” My lip won’t stop quivering and my eyes burn. “I can’t, Shane. It hurts too much. It’s too soon. I just… I can’t. Please don’t make me.”

His expression goes tortured and he shifts down to press his body against mine, to gather me as close to him as we can get. He keeps fucking me in slow, languid strokes, his voice rough with emotion. “You don’t have to, baby girl. Not until you’re ready.” He slips an arm beneath my hips, lifting me so his cock can hit a delicious angle inside me. “But when you’re ready, Lily? I’m going to be right here. No matter how long it takes.” He kisses my neck. “Because I love you, too.”

And then there’s no more room for words. What else is there to say? We’ve both laid it out there on the table. There’s nothing left but pleasure. We both fight our orgasms, fight finishing this, almost as if we know this is goodbye. It’s too good, though. It’s always been too good. I come first, clinging to him, milking him with my pussy until he loses control and pounds into me.

Shane barely pulls out of me when his fingers are there, spearing into me. “It’s not goodbye until morning. Promise me.”

“I promise,” I gasp.

We devolve into mindless animals. He fingers me while we recover and then hauls me into the bathroom to fuck me in front of the mirror. We barely stop touching in the shower and it starts all over again the second we manage to stumble back into the bedroom, Shane bending me over the bed and eating my pussy and ass until I’m sobbing. He fucks my ass again, whispering filthy possessive things in my ear.

I lose track of how many times I tell him I love him.

No matter how strong our will, our bodies eventually give out and we pass out tangled up in his bed, his hand still cupping my pussy as if trying to milk every last drop of pleasure.

It’s one hell of a goodbye.

Chapter 17

I wake up before dawn. Every part of my body hurts, but I don’t let that stop me as I climb out of bed and stagger to the dress we discarded at some point. I don’t know where my black dress is, so this will have to do.