Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 35

I scramble to obey. Playacting was hot, but this is us. I hold myself up with one hand and slip the other between my thighs to spread my pussy. Shane’s rough curse makes me grin. Didn’t expect that, did he?

“No matter how many times you come, it’s still not enough, is it? Your pussy is greedy for more.” I can hear him rustling behind me as he strips. “Finger yourself. Show me how wet you are.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I slip my middle finger into myself. It feels a thousand times better knowing he’s watching. “I’m so wet.”

“I can see that.” But his footsteps move away. I almost turn to look, but he returns a few moments later and the mattress gives as he climbs onto the bed. He knocks my hand away and then his cock is there, pushing into me. “I’m going to fuck your virgin ass, Lily. Are you ready for that?”

I don’t know if I’m ready, but I nod against the mattress. “Yes, Daddy.”

Chapter 15

Shane keeps thrusting as if he’s got nowhere better to be than balls deep inside me. “I like watching my cock disappear into your pussy while that plug teases about how full your ass is. It feels good to be full, doesn’t it, baby girl?”

“Yes,” I moan.

His voice is pure sin. “Almost like being fucked by two cocks.” He spreads my cheeks and then he’s shifting the plug, easing it in and out of me. “But you don’t get two cocks, my little slut. You get mine, and it will be enough because I’m your fucking Daddy.”

I’m writhing on his cock with nowhere to go. “Please fuck my ass. Please.”

And then the plug is gone and he’s easing out of me. He presses something to my hand and I blink at the wand vibrator. “Use this when I tell you.” He urges my hips up. “Relax.”

“You relax when you’re about to have a giant cock in your ass,” I mutter.

He gives my ass a light slap and then he’s spreading lube all over me. I instinctively tense as the feeling of the broad head of his cock. Shane smooths one hand over my hip and up my back. “Relax, baby girl. Trust me.”

I try to obey. I expect pain as the head of his cock eases past my entrance, and it does burn a bit, but it’s nowhere near the level I thought it would be. I shift a little and Shane’s hand tightens on my hip. “Easy.”

“More,” I demand.

He eases in a bit more and gives a slow, short thrust. “We good?”

I didn’t expect to like this. I really didn’t. I should know better by now. It’s completely different than when he’s in my pussy, but it feels weirdly good. “More,” I say again.

“Use the vibrator.”

It takes me a second to get it on and then I position the broad head of it against my clit. “Oh fuck.”

“Mmm.” He has both hands on my ass now, holding me open as he slowly penetrates me. “We’re almost there, baby girl. You feel so fucking good.”

“You do, too.” I have to fight not to writhe. “I’m going to come with your cock in my ass like a little slut, aren’t I?”

Shane’s hips meet my ass and he exhales slowly. “Yes. That’s exactly what you’re going to do.” He bears me down to the mattress, his big body covering mine. He kisses the back of my neck, my shoulder, my spine. “You are so fucking perfect, Lily. I said you were a gift, but that doesn’t begin to cover it.” He starts to fuck my ass. It’s nowhere near as rough as he’s been literally every time we’ve had sex, but it feels like I’m being invaded over and over again. I flick the vibrator onto a stronger setting and moan.

“Make me come, Daddy.”

“Make yourself come,” he snaps.

I can’t help moving, can’t help thrusting back onto his cock as the vibrator presses against my clit. I want to do more than submit. I want to fuck him right back. “Oh god, Shane. You feel so good. Oh, fuck.”

“Say it.” He sounds like the devil himself on my shoulder. “You know you want to, baby girl. Say it again.”

I don’t even hesitate. I’m too out of my mind with pleasure. “I love you!”

He thrusts harder into my ass. “Again.”

“I love you.” And then I’m coming so hard I’m sobbing.

Shane presses me hard down on the vibrator. “Don’t stop.” He eases out of my ass and I whine even as I shift the setting down to a more rumbling vibration, too needy to stop yet. I listen to him walk into the bathroom. I rub myself on the vibrator, feeling absolutely out of control. My entire being boils down to more, more, more.

I don’t even hear him come back. One second I’m working on teasing another orgasm from myself and the next I’m flipped onto my back and the vibrator is ripped from my hands. Shane turns it off and tosses it aside. He looks down at me and strokes my throbbing clit with his thumb. “Say it again, Lily.”