Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 33

I slowly stand and turn. Shane’s gaze goes to my breasts, but he just tucks my dress back up on my shoulders, covering me. I swallow hard. “If we do it, we pretend it’s the first time.”

“Lily, you’re wearing my plug in your ass right now.”

I shiver. “So?

He shakes his head. “Yeah, okay. We play this however you need.”

I look around. I’m not sure the best way to go about it. The possibilities make me nearly giddy. We could fuck anywhere in the house, could play out this little revenge fantasy however we want. “Um, where?”

“Go get your phone.”

I hurry upstairs and grab my phone. For the first time, it strikes me that I don’t have a single message or call from Max. We’re done and he doesn’t even care about trying to talk about it. I don’t know what there is to say, but it feels so shitty to know that he’s with her and if I hadn’t thrown caution to the wind and come to Shane, I’d be huddled up in my apartment, sobbing myself sick over him.

I find Shane in the living room. The morning sunlight streams in from the back windows, the snow on the ground amplifying the brightness. He stands at the entertainment center and motions me over when I walk into the room. I hand over my phone and watch as he sets it up at the base of the television. “Go sit on the couch,” he says.

I do, watching as he makes some adjustments. Shane glances at me. “Talk for a second. Let’s see how the sound is.”

I raise my brows. “I am really, really looking forward to riding your cock, Daddy.”

He gives me a long look. “Maybe I’ll just bend you over the arm of the couch and fuck you like the dirty girl you are.”

I clench my thighs together. “Maybe I’ll like it.”

“You will.” He says it like there was never any other outcome. “You love everything I do to you.”

There’s no use arguing that. I wait while he plays back the short video and nods. “This will do. Go to the front door.”

I push to my feet and obey, making a quick detour to the mud room to grab my heels. I wait in the entranceway, my heart in my throat, as he walks to me with heavy steps. Confusion pulls his brows together. “Lily, what are you doing here?”

Show time. “I didn’t know where else to go.”

He hesitates, and it feels real. Like he knows I shouldn’t be here, but he doesn’t want me to leave. “Come in.” Shane leads me into the living room and guides me to sit on the same cushion I’d just occupied. Even though I know the name of this game, I still shift a little nervously as he takes the spot right next to me, his knees bumping into mine. He gives me a concerned look. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Max and I are done.” My breath catches in my throat, but I push on. “I, uh, I found him with his secretary. It’s over. The wedding is off. The whole nine yards.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He truly looks like he means it.

“I just…” To my horror, my bottom lip quivers. I press my hand to my mouth. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come. I know he’s your son and—”

Shane pulls me into his arms. The hug is a little awkward, made more awkward when he shifts back a little and my legs get tangled with his. The plug in my ass gives lie to the newness of this, but it still feels forbidden. Like he’s offering me comfort and didn’t mean to put us in a position where my dress is riding up to indecent heights.

His hand drops to my thigh and he flinches. “Jesus, I’m sorry.” But he doesn’t quite take his touch away, his fingers lingering on my skin.

“It’s okay.” I lean back a little, but not enough for it to be a real retreat. “I…” I don’t want to share the same story from before, where he watched me masturbate in the back yard. That moment feels like it was just for us, and I don’t want to mar it.

Instead, I shift against him, sliding my leg higher up between his. It almost looks like I’m trying to get my balance to move away, but his hand catches me high on my thigh, his big fingers curving around beneath. It’s not quite indecent, but he’s in a position to guess I might not be wearing anything underneath this dress.

I look up at him with wide eyes. “Shane?”

He holds my gaze as he slides his hand higher, under my dress, up over my hip, my ass. “Lily, why did you come to my house without panties on?”

“Um.” I’m fisting his T-shirt and I can’t seem to stop shaking. “I don’t know.”

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