Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 32

I drop my hands, my face flaming. He moves to my other breast and gives it the same slow, thorough treatment. Shane lifts his head and exhales across my wet skin, raising goosebumps. “Lift your dress, Lily. Show me if you decided to be a good girl or a little slut today.”

I comply with shaking hands. Shane goes to his knees, his brows drawn together. “Lily.” The warning in his voice makes me shiver. “We talked about this.”

“Sorry, Daddy.” I widen my stance, just a little. “I thought you might want dessert.”

He barks out a laugh and grins at me, the sheer force of his amusement nearly bowling me over. Just like that, Shane locks it down, but mirth still dances in his dark eyes. “Positively shameless.”

“Guilty.” I glance out the kitchen window. “Oh look, your neighbors are outside again.” I smirk down at him. “Better get off your knees before they think you have your mouth all over my pussy in here.”

“Turn around and put your hands on the counter.” His command slaps me and I obey before I can stop and think of a reason not to. Shane’s big hands grip my thighs, pushing them wide as he flips up my dress to bunch around my hips. I might as well be naked for all that it covers me. “I had you like this yesterday, and I didn’t let you come.”

“I remember,” I whisper.

His hands coast up until his thumbs brush my pussy. “Just this morning you begged me to stop eating you out.”

“I remember that, too.” I arch my back, offering myself to him. “I won’t beg again.”

“Oh, baby girl.” His breath ghosts over my pussy. “Yes, you will.”

Chapter 14

Shane starts slow. Like he’s doing this for the first time. Like he wants to memorize me. He parts my pussy with his thumbs, ensuring he doesn’t miss a bit of me. It’s not designed to make me come, just to tease me, to put a delicious melting feeling in my body.

I lay my cheek on the counter and give myself over to him completely. I feel like a temptress, like I’ve brought this powerful man to his knees. “I’m a terrible person, Daddy.”

His finger replaces his mouth, pushes into me agonizingly slowly. “That so?”

“Yes.” I spread my legs wider and shift back to take his finger deeper. “I get off on thinking about the look on his face if he came into the kitchen right now and saw us.”

Shane’s silent for several long moments, his finger moving in me. “Would you like that, Lily? Would it make you feel good?”

I stare out the window at his normal neighbors going about their normal lives. “I don’t know. It feels good to be bad with you. I don’t know where my lines are any more.”

“Don’t move.” Shane’s finger disappears and it’s everything I can do not to sob out a protest. I can hear him moving behind me, but I’m content to wait for what comes next, to let him have full control. Even so, I jump when something cool and wet spreads down my crack. A second later, he spreads my cheeks and the metal plug presses against me. “Relax, Lily.” As I obey, he eases it into me. “How does that feel?”

“Better than I thought it would.” Despite his giant fucking cock, I’m actually looking forward to him taking my ass tonight. If I trust any man to ensure I have a good time doing anal, it’s Shane. The thought makes me laugh a little.

“Something funny?”

“Even when I was fantasizing about you, I never went that far. I never thought about you in my ass.”

“Mmm.” His finger traces the plug. “I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about fucking every part of you, Lily. In a thousand different ways. You’re like a sickness in my blood.”

“Gee, thanks.”

He gives my ass a light slap and I jump. Then I moan when the sharp move and tiny flicker of pain make the plug feel hotter. Shane goes back to massaging my ass cheeks like he can’t get enough of the way I fill his hands. “You make me want to do depraved things to your tight little body.”

“Do them,” I moan.

But he just keeps touching me, his rough hands making my smarting cheeks feel agonizingly sensitized. “I have a suggestion. Don’t say yes if you don’t want to.”

I try to focus on his words and not on his touch. “I’m listening.”

“We make another video. For him.”

My eyes go wide. “Shane,” I say slowly. “You want to make a revenge sex tape to send to your son?”

“You decide if it ever gets sent.” He eases my dress back down. “Could be that having the video will satisfy your need to get caught, to hurt him.”

Honestly, it’s not a half bad idea. I don’t know if I really want Max to catch us, but the dangerous impulse is there all the same. Maybe if we play it out, it will diffuse.