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My pussy aches. My ass hurts. My fucking heart is a murky mess.

I take my time getting ready, take even longer in the shower as if I can wash away the very memory of him. It’s an impossible task, even if I wanted to purge the memories. He’s imprinted on my very skin.

Once I’m dried off, I turn and look at my ass in the mirror. It’s bright red and I can already tell there will be bruises. I should be angry about that, but the knowledge that I’ll wear his marks even after we’re done makes me smile a little. Complicated. This whole thing is so fucking complicated.

In the bedroom, I find a sundress, white with pink flowers. It’s short and flirty and Shane didn’t bother to add underwear to the list. Probably because the white pair was the only one I left here and he’s decided to keep them.

I check myself in the mirror. This is another dress I wore as a swimsuit cover up, the top triangles exposing plenty of the curves of my breasts, the length just shy of indecent. I feel positively sinful knowing I’m naked beneath it.

One more day.

I only have one more day with Shane, and I’m going to make it count.

I head downstairs and find him cooking a full spread. Eggs and bacon and what appear to be homemade hash browns. Despite the fact I would have said I wasn’t hungry, my stomach grumbles at the delicious smells.

Like yesterday, he barely glances as me as he pulls a plate out of the oven and sets it on the table. “It’s hot.”


“Eat, Lily. Before I lose my patience.”

I raise my brows. Someone’s still pissed about earlier. Fine. I’m hungry, so I’ll eat. Then he can yell at me some more if it will make him feel better. Maybe I’ll get on my knees and offer to suck his cock in penance. The thought makes me smile a little as I dig into the food he prepared.

We eat in silence, and then Shane does the dishes. I try to help, but he points at the chair in a silent command to sit. It feels more like a punishment than I expect, because all I’m left to do is sit and watch him. He looks freaking good. His jeans are faded from countless washings and hug his ass and thighs in a comfortable sexy sort of way, and his shoulders fill out his equally faded T-shirt. The fabric is so thin, it pulls against the muscles in his back each time he reaches forward to grab another dish.

By the time he’s moved on to drying—fucking hand drying—I’m clenching my thighs together. When I shift, my ass aches worse, which only makes me hotter. So I keep doing it, shamelessly driving my need higher.

He finishes and turns around, the towel slung over his shoulder. Shane glances at me and shakes his head. “Stand up. Let’s get a look at you.”

This inspection feels as strange as the one did yesterday. He picked out my clothes, but he’s acting like it’s still up for debate whether he approves of them.

A tempting thought flickers through my head before I can banish it. Of what it would be like if this was every morning. If we shared breakfast and then he examined my clothing to see if he approved. Maybe it shouldn’t feel so sexy, but it sure as hell does.

Shane circles me, finally coming to stop in front of me. He’s frowning, which sends a delicious bolt of lust through me. “Lily, what am I going to do with you?”

I can think of a few things, but I affect an innocent expression. “Is something wrong, Daddy?”

He flicks a finger easily sliding the thin strap of my dress off my shoulder. It drops down my arm and the dress sags on that side, exposing my bare breast. Shane shakes his head. “Little slut.” He cups my breast, coasting his thumb back and forth across my nipple. “How many times are you planning on flashing people today?”

“Um.” I can’t stop watching his hand on my breast, his thumb stroking the hardened peak of my nipple. It feels dirtier because I still have the rest of my dress on, like a secret just between us. “I’m sorry?”

“I might believe you if that sentence didn’t have a question mark at the end.” He casually pulls my second strap off and my dress falls to my waist. Shane cups my other breast, giving it the same treatment. “You have magnificent breasts, Lily. Has anyone ever told you that?”

I can’t quite catch my breath. “I usually get the ‘nice tits’ comment.”

He snorts. “Idiots. You’ve fucked nothing but idiots.” He dips down and presses an open-mouthed kiss to the curve of my right breast before moving to the nipple. “These deserve to be worshiped just like the rest of you.” I start to lift my hands and he stops, giving me a severe look. “Hold still until I’m finished examining you.”

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