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By my second orgasm, I’m panting. I try to shove his face away, but he just shifts a little to the side, leaving my over-sensitized clit alone and sucking and licking my pussy lips. “Oh my god, Shane. You’re going to kill me. I can’t—”

“You can take more,” he growls. He bands an arm over my hips, pinning me in place as he winds me up again. “You’re going to take as much as I decide to give you.”

I barely register when my grip on his hair goes from trying to get him off me to trying to get him closer. Time has no meaning right now. I lift my hips, but he holds me down, only making it hotter. “Shane, please.”

He ignores me, intent on tracing every inch of me with his tongue as if trying to memorize me. I shiver and shake and then I’m coming again, my heels digging into the mattress and a shriek escaping my lips. “Oh, fuck.”

Still, he doesn’t stop.

“Shane…” I whimper. I can’t think, can’t fucking focus. “Please Daddy.” I’m almost sobbing. “Just a little break.”

“You need this cock, baby girl?”

I don’t know if I can take that any more than I can take his mouth his mouth right now, but I’m already nodding. “Yes. Please, yes.”

He crawls up my body and guides his cock into me. Shane gathers me to him and fucks me slowly. The man holds me like he cares about me. I was wrong. This doesn’t feel like fucking. This slow slide of his cock, his face buried in my neck, his hands holding me so damn close… It feels like a whole lot more than sex.

I love it.

I soak it up like the best kind of alcohol, not caring that it will hurt in the end. I want it now. I want him. “Kiss me,” I gasp.

He lifts his head and takes my mouth. This, too, feels like we’re communicating on a level beyond words. Like he’s telling me something and I’m answering and neither of us can pretend otherwise. I’m lost in a sea of pleasure, clinging to him as each stroke pushes us farther and farther toward something we can’t take back, my stupid broken heart in my throat. It’s a good thing his tongue steals my words before I can give them voice, because unforgivable sentences spill together inside my head.

Keep me.

Please keep me.

I think I might love you.

They wash away as I come, further disperse as he follows me over the edge. We lay there for a long time, the sweat cooling on our bodies, our breathing slow easing back to normal, and still he doesn’t move. I stroke my hands down his back and whimper when he thrusts into me a little. “Oh god, that feels good and also not good and you’re going to make me come again.”

Shane, the bastard, does it again. “I can’t get enough of you, Lily.” He’s said it before, but it feels different now. Like a promise instead of another flavor of dirty talk. He thrusts a third time. It doesn’t matter that he’s only half hard in me. It’s like my body is already poised after so much pleasure, like it’s unable to stop.

I writhe under him, nearly mindless. “Why can’t I stop?” I whine. “It’s too much.”

“I know.” He kisses me as he thrusts. Drinking me down even as we grind together, mindless and frenzied.

I grab his ass and pull him tighter against me, lifting my hips to work myself on him. “Yes. Right there. I’m so close.”

“Use me, baby girl. Get yourself off. Once more and you can rest.”

Pleasure short-circuits what’s left of my brain. Words pour out and this time his mouth isn’t there to catch them. “I hate you. Oh god, I love you. I don’t fucking know, just…” I cry out as I orgasm. I might actually black out. It sure as hell seems like it because one second I’m writhing on his cock and the next he’s on his back and I’m sprawled across his chest, his arms clasping me to him. I think I might be crying again. I don’t know if it’s tears or sweat, but I’m wrung out. Gloriously empty.

Shane kisses the top of my head and yanks the covers back over us. If I had a bone left in my body, I might tense as I wait for him to say something. But he doesn’t. He just idly strokes my back as I recover. The silence isn’t exactly uncomfortable, but I can’t get my words out of my head.

I hate you. I love you.

Only one of those is true. And it’s not the simpler option.

Chapter 13

I close my eyes. It might not be possible to die from too many orgasms, but I’m pretty sure it is possible to die from humiliation. “Please say something.”

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