Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 26

“Yes,” I whisper.

“You clamp around my cock every time I remind your pussy who it belongs to.” He keeps thrusting, keeps imprinting the feel of him into my very soul. “You like it when I get possessive.”

I want to deny it. This feels like a different kind of dangerous. But I can’t deny the truth. “I like feeling owned by you.”

Shane’s expression changes, something flickering in those dark eyes that I can’t put a name to. “I should finish inside you, should send you back to him all filled up with my come.”

“Do it,” I challenge.

“No.” He pulls out of me and hits his knees in front of the table. He wraps his fist around the crotch of my panties and drags them down my legs. “I’m keeping these.”


“No shields, Lily.” He looks up at me. “You might be a little slut for wanting my mouth on you, but you’re my good girl. And my good girl asks for what she wants.”

Pleasure thrills through me. “Make me come, Daddy.”

He doesn’t immediately close the distance between us. “You’re going to orgasm all over my face, and then I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth until you swallow me down.”

It’s not quite a question, but I’m already nodding. “Yes. Please, yes. That’s what I want.”

And then his mouth is on me again. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of how much Shane loves eating my pussy. He fucking savors it, like I’m a fine wine and he’s determined to pick up all the notes like I’m his favorite treat. For once, he’s not teasing me. He’s going after me like my pleasure is his to command, like my next orgasm is the only thing he wants. I come so hard I lose my balance and smack back onto the table. He lifts his head in surprise, but I dig my fingers into his hair and tow him back down. “Just a little more. Please, Daddy.”

Shane chuckles against my heated flesh. “Greedy girl.”


Even though it wasn’t what he promised, he works me up again, slower this time, until I’m quivering and whimpering, and begging him to finish me off. Shane pushes a single finger into me and strokes my G-spot. “I’m going to fuck your ass tonight, Lily.”

I’m so out of my mind, my earlier apprehension feels like a thousand miles away. “Do it. I don’t care. Do it now. Just let me come.”

He sucks hard on my clit and then he gives me what I need, my orgasm so intense I forget to breathe for several long moments, only managing a harsh inhale at last moment. “Holy shit.”

Shane pulls me up and gathers me to him, holding me close as I ease back into my body. “Holy shit,” I repeat. “Do you think you can die from sex being too good? Because I think I might be dying.”

His rough laugh makes me shiver. Shane shifts back enough to gently clasp my chin and lift my face to his. He kisses me, the barest brushing of his mouth to mine. “You say that now, but in about thirty seconds, you’ll be begging for more.”

“I don’t know.” I cling to him, his steadiness soothing something inside me. “It’s never been like this before. It’s never even been close.”

He releases my chin and tucks my head in against his shoulder. “It’s never been like this for me, either.”

Alarms try to blare through my head, a warning that we’re both in deep and sinking fast, but I can’t make myself care. Maybe we were always in too deep and this weekend is only showcasing exactly how fucked we are. “Shane…”

This time he doesn’t interrupt me, doesn’t distract me. He just waits. If I was stronger, I’d tell him about the complicated feelings in my chest, the ones that signal that this is anything but a simple revenge fuck. I’m not strong though. I’m a coward.

I nudge him back a step and slide down to my knees in front of him. Something akin to disappointment flickers over his face before he runs his fingers through my hair and shifts it to wrap around his left fist. He wraps his other hand around his cock and taps it to my bottom lip. “Open.”

This isn’t like in the truck earlier. He let me suck his dick then. Now he’s fully intending on fucking my mouth.

“One day, I want to see your lips painted a pretty pink and wrapped around my cock.” He thrusts slowly, letting me adjust as much as I’m able to. “This, though? This is fucking perfection, baby girl.” He hesitates. “It gets to be too much, you slap my thigh. Do you understand?”

He allows me to withdraw enough to answer. “Yes, Daddy.” I should leave it at that, but I can’t. “It won’t be too much.”