Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 25

“Shh.” He drags the flat of his tongue over my clit.


“Do you want me to stop?” The arrogant look in his eyes says he knows damn well that I’m half a second from digging my fingers into his hair and riding his face to orgasm.

“No. But… I thought you wanted to look.” I can’t quite catch my breath. “Don’t you want to see what you do to me?”

“Show me.” He moved back a few inches, barely enough space for me to get my hand between us.

“Promise you’ll only look.”

He gives me a long look. “I promise.”

Neither of us believe him. I reach down and hook my panties with my finger, towing to them to the side. We both exhale at the sight of my pussy. I’m so wet, I can see it in the fading light of the day. Shane blows out a long breath directly over my clit and this time I can’t stop a little moan from slipping free.

“Show me,” he growls. “Let me see every bit of that pretty pussy.”

I use my free hand to part my pussy, putting myself on full vulgar display for him. “Do you like what you see?”

“Let me have a taste, Lily.” He drifts a little closer. “Just a little taste. No one has to know.”

“Yes.” The word is barely more than a soft exhale, but he hears it all the same. I hold myself open as Shane leans in and drags his tongue over me. “Oh my god.” He does it again, and again and then he holds my gaze as he thrusts his tongue into me. “Shane.” I’m gasping. “That feels so good.”

He rests his forehead on my lower stomach, breathing hard. “Keep saying my name like that, Lily, and I might forget myself and fuck you right here.”

Playing with fire. That’s all I’m doing with this man. Playing with fucking fire. “Shane,” I whisper.

Chapter 11

He surges to his feet, catching me around the waist and lifting me onto the table. His dark gaze dares me to protest as he unbuttons the front of his jeans and draws his cock out. “Hold your panties to the side again.”

I scramble to obey and shoot a look at the window. We haven’t turned on the lights and the setting sun probably has created a mirror of the windows, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are in clear view of anyone who’s feeling nosy enough to look. “Someone might see.”

“What are they going to see?” He drags his cock over me. The broad head of him breaches my entrance. “It hardly counts.”

I’m breathing so hard, my breasts are shaking with every exhale. “That’s not how it works.” I watch him slide another inch into me.

“You sure about that?” He grips my thighs and lifts, pressing them back toward my chest as he sinks deeper. “You’re still wearing your panties like a good girl, aren’t you?”

If anything, still wearing my panties makes me feel even sluttier. I try to look innocent and pout a little. “Are you sure? This doesn’t feel like I’m being good.”

“It doesn’t feel good?” He shifts one hand to brush my clit with his thumb. “How about now?”

I squirm. “Wait.”

“Wait for what?” He circles my clit again, but doesn’t sink the rest of the way into me. “Use your words, Lily.”

“I want to be good.” I lick my lips. “But I really, really want to be bad, too.” When he still doesn’t move, I keep talking. “Fuck me on this table, Shane. Please.” I glance at the door to the living room. “Just be quiet.”

“I’m not the one who’s going to have to be quiet.” He presses me flat on the table and covers my mouth with a big hand. The pressure against my lips makes me moan as much as him forcing his cock the rest of the way into me. He felt impossibly big in the truck with the addition of the plug, but somehow it’s even more intense in this position. “You can tell yourself that you don’t want this, that it doesn’t count, but we both know the truth.” He leans down and his lips brush my ear. “You’ve been looking for an excuse to climb on my cock since the day we met.”

I make a sound that might be protest, but it doesn’t matter because he’s fucking me in long strokes. He barely pauses to guide my hands to my thighs, forcing me to hold them wide and even closer to my chest. I try to keep the waves of pleasure at bay. I really do. I pull his palm off my mouth enough to say, “Hurry. We have to be quick.” Then I go back to holding myself open for him.

Shane clamps his hand around my jaw and his expression goes hard. “You’ve been denying me this pussy, Lily, but it’s mine now. I’ll fuck you as fast or slow as I want. Do you hear me?”

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