Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 20

“Yes, Lily.” He chuckles and climbs out of the truck, letting in a cold blast of wind. “Lock the doors.”

It’s such a dad thing to say that I almost come on the spot.

I reach over with the hand not in my panties and lock the doors. He nods and heads into the building. I watch him go and start stroking my clit. It feels good; doing it in the middle of the day in a parking lot feels even better. I pull down the zipper of Shane’s coat and part it just enough to reach in and pull my top up. Even if there was anyone around, they wouldn’t be able to see anything, but knowing my breasts are bared makes me hotter.

I watch the clock, nudging myself closer and closer to orgasm. At ten minutes, Shane isn’t back yet. I lean my head against the window, mindlessly rubbing on my clit. I’m so close. Would he really know if I came? Am I willing to risk it?

A knock on the window startles a scream out of me. I jerk upright and find Shane watching me with a disapproving look on his face. I reach over with a shaking hand and unlock the doors. He wastes no time climbing in and shutting the door. A small bag goes onto the seat on the other side of me and a second one goes on the floorboard. I don’t get a chance to ask what’s in either before he drives to the other side of the parking lot near a fence that borders a residential street. There are now two buildings’ worth of parking lot between us and the sex shop, and I look at him in question.

He unbuckles me. “Get on your hands and knees facing the passenger door.”

My eyes go wide, but I’m already scrambling to obey. He pushes up my skirt and drags my panties down a few inches. Somehow, this feels a thousand times more vulgar than when I had no panties on. He touches my pussy as if examining it. “Were you a good girl, Lily? Your pussy is awfully wet right now.”

“I didn’t come. I swear it.”

He keeps fondling me as if he can divine the very answer out of my flesh. I watch a car pull up and park at the sex toy shop. “We’re out in the open.”

He ignores me. “Get in the bag and hand me the two things you find.”

I have to go down onto my elbows to obey, and my shirt slides up to bunch around my upper chest. The coat still shields me, but I dig into the bag and come up with a bottle of lube and a shiny metal plug. “Shane—”

“Hand them to me.”

I awkwardly obey. I listen to him open the bottle and then cool lube touches my ass and an even cooler metal presses there. “Relax,” he murmurs. With one hand he keeps stroking my pussy and the other he wedges the plug into my ass. It’s significantly larger than his thumb, but it doesn’t hurt. It just feels like a lot. I am painfully aware, however, that it’s nowhere near the size of his cock.

Once it’s lodged inside me, he sits back and gives a sound suspiciously like a growl. “Fuck, that’s pretty.”

“Shane,” I moan.

“That’s even prettier.” He pushes two fingers into me. The intrusion feels so much more filling with the plug in. “Say my name again, Lily.”

I thrust back against his hand, shamelessly fucking his fingers. “Shane. Oh god, that feels so good.”

“Mmm. You like that plug in your virgin ass.” He withdraws his hand long enough to flip me onto my back and push me down onto the seat. Shane yanks my panties off and shoves up my skirt again, impaling me with his fingers. “Open the jacket and lift your top baby girl. You know you want to show me everything.”

I reach down with trembling hands and pull up my crop top to expose my breasts. He palms one roughly and then the other, his expression intense as he keeps fucking me with his fingers. “You’re so sexy, Lily. You’re enough to make me forget myself and fuck you right here when everyone can see.” He circles my clit just shy of savagely. “Do you like knowing you undo me? That I’ll put it all on the line just to sink into your tight pussy?”

I moan and arch my back, trying to take him deeper, only to earn a slap on my clit. My eyes fly open to find him glaring at me. “I asked you a fucking question.”

I leverage myself up onto my elbows. When he doesn’t stop me, I keep going, rising onto my knees and moving to straddle him, his fingers wedged inside me all the while. I loop my arms around his neck and press myself to him, my lips at his ear. “I like it,” I whisper, undulating on his fingers. “Do you know what I’d like even better?”