Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 14

He wastes no time flipping off the light and slipping down in the bed, pulling me with him. The next thing I know, we’re spooning and he’s got his arms wrapped around me. The man holds me like I’m the most precious thing in the world, and despite myself, I slip into sleep with his body cradling mine.

Little things wake me. Hot open-mouthed kisses at the back of my neck. Callused hands palming my breasts. A hard cock against my ass. Shane lightly pinches my nipples. “Awake?”

“Mmm.” I stretch, rolling my hips to rub my ass on his cock. “I seem to remember you promising to wake me up in a very different way.”

His rough chuckle has my thighs clenching together. “Just checking in, baby girl. That still what you want?”

I twist in his arms and he lets me, shifting to give me room to sling my leg up around his waist. I wrap my fist around his cock and drag his broad head over my slit. I’m already wet from how he was touching me, already aching for him. “Does it feel like that’s what I want?”

Shane digs his hand into my hair and urges my head back so he can growl in my ear. “You have a slutty little pussy. We both know that. It’s your head that I’m concerned with right now.” His rough words are matched by the intent look on his face. I’ve never had a man look at me the way Shane does, as if every single thing I say is of the utmost importance. As if he really wants to know what I want, rather than have me tell him what he wants to hear. “Tell me what you need, Lily.”

I drag in a shuddering breath and notch him at my entrance. I’m only a little sore from yesterday, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not interested in waiting. I hold his gaze. “I need my Daddy’s cock.”

His jaw clenches and he thrusts into me the tiniest bit. “You have a dirty mouth.” He reaches up with his free hand and traces my lower lip with his thumb. “I’m going to enjoy fucking it later.”

I lick his thumb. “Use me.”

“I plan on it.” He kisses me, rough and intense, but he doesn’t thrust into me like I expect. Shane kisses me like the head of his cock isn’t inside me already, like we’re just making out for the sake of making out. It frazzles my nerves, but in a way that isn’t entirely pleasant. It feels like he’s changing the rules, and I’m not sure if I’m okay with it.

As if he can sense my confusion, Shane rolls onto his back and takes me with him. He gives me a wicked grin and then lifts his arms to rest his head in his hands. “You want your Daddy’s cock?”

I clutch onto what’s rapidly becoming my foundation, my familiar territory, with both hands. “Yes.”

“Then take it.”

Despite being turned on already, I’m nowhere near prepared enough for his size. I have to fight my body and his to take him another inch deeper. He watches me writhe and squirm with his eyebrow cocked, seeming completely unaffected by my struggle. It’s really, really hot. “Problem?”


“You sure?” He shifts a little but still makes no move to help me. “Because you say you want my cock, but you’re not taking it like the good girl I know you can be.”

I sob out an exhale as I sink another inch onto him. Holy shit, was he this big last night? I’ve never had a problem doing the bare minimum of foreplay before sex, but I’ve also never been in an experience like this. And Shane is fucking huge. Something like humiliation heats my skin, but it gets all tangled up with need. I circle my hips, trying to force him deeper. “I’m trying.”

“Mmm.” He watches me for a few moments and then sighs in something like disappointment. “Lily…”

“I’m trying.” Against all reason, my lower lip quivers. What the hell is going on? I plant my hands on his chest and sink down a little more. He’s too big, I’m too full, I don’t know if I’m enjoying this or if it just aches. “I’m trying, Daddy. I promise.”

Another of those disappointed sighs and he finally moves, his hands falling to my hips. “Stubborn to the very end.”


“You need something from me, Lily? Fucking ask for it.” He lifts me off his cock and sets me on his hard stomach. Shane holds my gaze as he wets his thumb and then presses it to my clit. A slow circle has me fighting not to roll my hips. On the third one, I forget myself and do it. I grind down on his stomach like the horny little slut I apparently am. Maybe I should be self-conscious but the way he looks at me burns me up just as much as his thumb’s slow circles. “That’s right, baby girl. Just like that.”

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