Your Dad Will Do (A Touch of Taboo 1) - Page 12

I bite my bottom lip. “We shouldn’t. We should get a condom.” Except I sound like I’m asking him instead of telling him. Like I’m hoping he’ll ignore me and pave the way for us to be oh so bad. Reckless. So fucking reckless. I don’t care. It feels too good to stop.

“You’re right.” But he doesn’t stop that slow dragging motion, circling my clit and then descending again. Except this time, his broad cock presses against my entrance. “Look at how greedy your pussy is. You’re practically pulling me in.”

I reach down, trailing my fingers over my sweat-slicked stomach and lower to where the head of his cock is almost, almost inside me. I make a V with my fingers and drag them over my pussy lips, pressing them around the head of him.

“Jesus fuck,” he growls.

“We really, really shouldn’t.” But I do it again. It’s not enough. It’s nowhere near enough. I press my fingers to either side of his cock and lift my hips, guiding him into me the tiniest bit. “It hardly counts if it’s only this, right?”

“Baby girl.” The threat is back in his voice. “If you let my cock inside without a condom, that’s how you get it for the next three days. I’m going to pump you so full of come it’s dripping down your legs. Make sure that’s what you want.”

“But Daddy… You said we shouldn’t.” I can’t quite catch my breath. I keep stroking his cock where it’s disappearing into my pussy. Just the head, just the tip, just enough that I can’t take it back. I roll my body, fucking that part of him while he holds perfectly still. I pull him out and urge him to circle my clit again and then guide him back down to press inside. Just a bit more this time. A fraction of an inch. And then out and up over my clit. Again and again, working him a little deeper each time. Teasing him. Tempting him.

He stops me when his cock is halfway lodged inside me. “Lily, you’re trying my patience.”

“Look at us,” I whisper. “Look how wide you spread me, how wet you make me.” I roll my hips. “Do you really want to stop?”

“No, baby girl. I don’t want to stop.” But he still doesn’t move, still staring at his cock in my pussy as if the sight torments him. Shane finally looks up. “You better be careful. You keep acting like the perfect little slut, and I’m liable to keep you.”

He doesn’t give me a chance to answer, to even comprehend his words. He simply drives his cock the rest of the way into me. Once. Twice. A third time. And then he’s gone, flipping me onto my stomach like I’m a doll built for his pleasure and his pleasure alone. He yanks my hips into the air and then he’s inside me again, fucking away all thoughts of should and shouldn’t.

Shane’s hand lands on the mattress and his right hand snakes down my stomach to press against my clit. “I should send that video to my piece of shit son. Show him how you like to be fucked. Show him what he’s never going to have again.”

Maybe I should feel bad about the thought of Max seeing the video of me riding his father’s cock. I don’t. It fills me with a fierce joy that borders on rage. Apparently Shane’s feeling it, too. He slams into me harder, driving me to grind on his palm. “It’s not his pussy anymore, is it?”

“No,” I gasp.

“That’s right. Not his pussy at all.” He bites my neck. “Tell me who your pussy belongs to, Lily.”

“It’s your pussy, Daddy.”

“And I’m fucking you bare, aren’t I? My big cock stretching you wide. Your tight little cunt taking every single fucking inch.” He growls against my neck. “You feel so good, baby girl. All wet and slippery and made just for me.”

I should put a stop to this possessive talk. This is only for the weekend, after all. It wasn’t even supposed to be that long. But I don’t want to. He makes me feel fucking priceless when he’s saying these things, and I’m suddenly terribly afraid that I’ll never get enough.

Not of Shane’s cock.

Not of Shane himself.

Instead, I slam back against him as much as I’m able. “Fill me up, Daddy.” I don’t even know what I’m saying, only that I want this feeling to go on forever. Wicked. Dirty. Fucking filthy. “Fill me up with your come.”

“Dirty. Little. Slut.” Each word is punctuated by a savage thrust. He grinds into me and I swear I can feel his cock jerk as he comes. He slumps to the side, taking me with him, and slides a hand down to idly caress my clit. I jerk. The feeling of him going soft inside me is strange but not unpleasant, especially when he keeps up that achingly gentle circling. “Once more. One more time and you can rest.”

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