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He didn’t doubt for a second they could have all taken him out and hidden the body, but he’d taken the risk because his revenge was so close at hand.

All he needed was a bit of extra time, and he’d have O’Klaren right where he wanted him.


O’Klaren had made a lot of mistakes in his life. One of them was pacing the hotel room where she’d begged him to meet up with her. Fucking Rebecca, also known as Bear’s old lady, had been a thrill.

She was supposed to be loyal to the club, but all she’d turned into was a whore willing to do whatever he wanted for a price. He wanted to bring the club down. This woman had one mission in life, to make her daughter’s life a living hell.

Any other time, he might have felt sorry for the young woman, but clearly, she was in bed deep with the club, and he had no respect for that kind of behavior.

“You’ve got to act now.”

“Last time I checked, you don’t tell me what to do.”

“You’re making a big mistake. They’re going to know what you did. Don’t you see? Bear had to leave this morning. He got a call.”

“Your men don’t know the first thing that is happening. Why did you call me here if you’re not going to suck my dick?” He could have been at home ordering his wife around, not listening to Rebecca babbling on about nothing.

He would take care of the club in his own good time. They didn’t have a brain cell between them, and this woman’s obsession with getting Robin, well, he’d already taken care of that.

It was just a case of waiting for the right time. The moment they all got what they wanted, it would be over. He never left anything to chance.

“Is that all you think about? I thought we were a team here. We’re working together.”

He got to his feet. Her pacing was really starting to grate on his last nerve. He wrapped his fingers around her throat and pressed her up against the wall. There had been many times over the years he’d wanted to do this to his wife, to drain her life force from her. There was nothing more powerful than to watch a woman fall, and he wanted to see it happen again.

Too risky.


He didn’t want to stop.

Rebecca wasn’t worth screwing up his plans. Finally, when he saw no other choice, he let go of her neck, and she gasped, collapsing to the floor.

“These meetings are over. If you reach out, try to talk to me again, I will make sure Preacher knows what a double-crossing bitch you are, and I heard he likes to skin rats to his club.”

He left the hotel room, letting her pay the bill for a change.


Several days later, Robin missed Preacher. He hadn’t been by the house to hang out, and he’d only stopped by her bedroom to kiss her goodnight. With Bishop home, there hadn’t been a right time to talk, or even to tell him.

She knew he was dealing with club stuff, but she missed him.

Also, she’d had the time to do a great deal of thinking, and she was nervous about the club women.

Don’t become one of those women who complain.

Trust him.

Bishop used the women all the time, so she didn’t exactly have a good enough role model for men. Even her father was known for using them.

Knocking on Preacher’s office, she put her head around the corner and smiled at him. “Am I interrupting?”

Preacher looked up. “You’re not.”

She stepped into his office.

“Close the door,” he said.

Her heart rate picked up, and as she did as he instructed.

“Flick the lock.”

She did that as well before turning his attention toward him.

“Come here.”

She wasn’t dressed like half of the women were at the club. She didn’t own a mini skirt or a shirt that revealed way too much flesh.

Stopping at his desk, he pushed his chair away and pointed in front of him.

“You’re ordering me around.”

“I’m telling you where you need to be.”

She moved to him and stopped. He grabbed her hips and drew her close. She ended up straddling his waist as he’d moved the arms of his chair to make room for her.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him.

He sank fingers into her hair, holding her close as he ravished her mouth. She let out a little moan, not wanting him to stop, and he growled against her lips. “Do you have any idea what it is you fucking do to me?”

“I’ve missed you,” she said. Running her hands up the inside of his jacket, she gasped as he cupped her between the thighs.

“Is this too much? Do you need me to stop?”

“No, I don’t want you to stop.”

Kissing him again, she moaned his name, and he suddenly lifted her up, putting her on the edge of his desk.

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