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The victim’s neck was covered in bruises. Her body had been slashed, and he’d also left a fake dildo inside her. She was spread on the bed, her body covered in past bruises, which was one of the reasons why he knew he liked it rough. Preacher took the necessary photographs, filling up the phone he’d need, which also contained the witness statements from the women. His men had already taken them.

“Got the call this morning. She gave a notice last night she had him in the hotel room. We’ve got the son of a bitch, Preach,” Bear said. “Poor Janet. She only wanted to help. After losing a baby herself to a violent asshole, she’d been more than happy to help take him out.”

“What’s her home situation?” Preacher asked.

“Two kids. Fathers unknown. She’s been working for us for three years. Needed the extra money when she was fired for not putting out, remember?”

He had a vague memory of Janet begging him for the extra work.

“Make sure the kids are taken care of. Call our contact in the system. They’re to be homed together with a good family and let her know we’ll be taking a personal interest in this one.”

“Got it,” Bear said.

Leaving the hotel room, Preacher allowed his men to clear up the mess. He had a system and the right people in place.

Climbing onto his bike, he put the cell phone into his pocket, heading toward Dog’s territory. The fights would be back on the moment he took care of this little piece of business. He had no doubt there’d be another cop just as big of an asshole as O’Klaren, but he’d be more than ready. The only reason he’d had to hold off was because of the sudden shift.

The part of town where Dog liked to live was a piece of fucking shit. All of his intel on the leader of one of the scariest fucking crews wasn’t much. From what he knew, Dog didn’t have the nicest of upbringings. Not like many of them actually did, but Dog’s was extra brutal. His father had hated Dog, and rumor had it that most of his young life, up until about the age of fourteen, he’d spent a great deal of time chained out in the yard, like a dog. Rather than shake the name, Dog had embraced it, but he’d also taken on the violent streak of a rabid animal. On one of the days his father came to him, Dog had been ready, or so the gossip said. He’d attacked his father, biting his face off, tearing him to shreds with just his teeth. Preacher figured there was a whole lot more to it than that, but he never asked.

They all had a past they never wanted to talk about.

Dog’s past stayed hidden. He didn’t know how the son of a bitch did it, but he did. There were no records of him as a boy, and Preacher had tried. It was like he didn’t exist.

Several of the crew came out of two houses, one on either side. This stretch of town was known to belong to Dog and his men. People entered at their own risk as Dog had a certain clientele he dealt with. Everyone else got torn to shreds.

“What is your business here?”

The yelled command came from his left, but Preacher smirked. “I don’t talk to anyone but the big man himself.”

“Dog doesn’t want visitors today.”

“Too bad, I’m practically family.”

The door three doors down opened, and out came Dog. He wore a pair of jeans, torn at the knees, boots, and nothing else.

The cold never seemed to get to him.

A feminine whimper followed him, and Preacher watched as Dog came down the steps, holding the hair of a woman who trailed behind him, crying out, clearly in pain.

“What do you want?” Dog asked. “You never come to my territory, not without a phone call. Those are the rules.”

“I’ve got business to handle with you, and you told me I get it sorted, I come to you. I’ve got the means of taking the heat away.”

Dog had been affected by O’Klaren’s interference. It was only fair they conducted business together. Preacher could take of it all himself, but he knew it would be worth the alliance to reach out to Dog. The man didn’t scare easily, and business between them always boomed.

“You see this woman, Preach?” Dog asked.


“You shouldn’t look at her. She’s rotten from the inside out. She promised to be faithful to the crew, and do you know what she did?”

“She wasn’t faithful.”

“No. She wanted something from me and told me she’d pay me back. I wanted her pussy for my crew whenever I asked for it, but she lied. I don’t like liars.”

“Neither do I.”

He watched as Dog put the gun he’d been holding to her head and fired.

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