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Trailing his lips down her body, he got to her tits, each one with a nice hard peak. Flicking his tongue over each hardened bud, he heard her moan, and smiled as he took his time.

There was no need to rush. Sliding between the valley of her tits, he went to her other one, biting down, not too hard, but enough to make her moan his name.

The sound echoed off the walls, sweet precious music. He devoted a great deal of time to her breasts. They were beautiful, and were meant to know the love of a man’s mouth. He pressed them together, his tongue flicking back and forth, and he heard her moan.

She wrapped her legs around him, but he stayed just out of reach so she didn’t try to rub her pussy against his dick.

Kissing down her body, he palmed her breasts, teasing the nipples, twisting them but not enough to cause pain. She wriggled against him, and when he got to her pussy, she suddenly stopped moving.

He hadn’t even touched her yet. Just poised above her. Waiting.

“Do you know what I’m about to do?” he asked.


“Have you ever had it done?”


His son had a lot to answer for, unless Robin really didn’t want Bishop in the first place. He didn’t want his son becoming a rapist. It wasn’t all bad. If she’d been with Bishop, then, it would have taken away all the excitement of him being the first man between these pretty thighs, and he liked that. Preacher liked being her first, her only.

If he had his way, she wouldn’t be with another man.

Why does she have to be? There’s no reason to let her go.

She’s all yours.

She came to you.

She wants you.

He touched the lips of her pussy, and spread them open, staring at her clit. She was wet, swollen, and smelled amazing.

He’d eaten pussy, but never enjoyed it.

As he slid the tip of his tongue across her slit, she cried out, and hearing that sound, now that was a reason to keep on touching and tasting.

Up and down and around her clit, he stroked her, the lightest of touches. He wanted to build her up, not rush or push her, just a gradual release.

Moving down to her entrance, he circled her before teasing the opening with his tongue.

He pushed forward, and she whimpered for more. In and out, he fucked her with his tongue before sliding up, sucking on her clit, and back down again.

“Please, Preacher,” she said.

“I know what it is you want, but you’re going to have to wait for it.”

He flicked his tongue back and forth, building her orgasm but never quite letting her reach the tip. Her pussy was getting wetter as he did this.

Using his fingers, he pushed two inside her, feeling her tighten around him as he worked at her clit.

When he could add a third finger, he knew she was ready for more. Preacher would never forget the sound of her first orgasm, or the feel as her cunt squeezed his fingers, not letting go.

She didn’t hold back from him, tightening even more.

Hungry for more.

He plunged her into a second orgasm, and after this one, he moved her up the bed. He gripped his cock, running the tip between her creamy slit about to plunge inside when he stopped.

“Fuck, I need a rubber.”

“I’m clean,” she said. “And I’m on the pill. I’ve been taking it since the accident. Randall gave it to me, and I’ve been taking it, just in case.”

“You’re sure? I will get a rubber.”

“You’re not seeing other women, are you? You’re clean? You won’t hurt me.”

“Fuck no, I won’t hurt you.”

“Then I don’t want anything between us. I know it’s stupid and I should demand you wear one, but I don’t … I don’t want to be like anyone else you’ve been with. I’d like you to trust me.”

“I do.”

She cupped his face, kissing him. “Then take me, Preacher. Make me yours, only yours.”

Only his.

He’d never had a woman in all of his life to call his own.

Staring down into her dark brown eyes, he was struck. This eighteen-year-old woman—and she was a woman, not a girl anymore; she’d been through way too much to simply be a girl—was the first to offer herself up without any reason to. She didn’t want a place within the club or to be in one secret pact joke with her friends.

Robin wanted him because she did, nothing else. No added reasons, just simple want.

He’d never given himself to a woman before, never wanted to, but staring down at her, oh, he wanted, a great deal.

Dropping his lips down to hers, he silenced all protest, not that she’d be saying any. Reaching between his thighs, he gripped his hard dick, pressing against her entrance.

Nothing between them.

Nothing holding him back.

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