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She ran her hands down his arms, and back up again.

Just as suddenly as the kiss deepened, Preacher stopped.

“I don’t want to scare you.”

“You’re not.”

“Robin, you don’t know what you want.”

“Are you afraid? Is that why you’re fighting this? I know I want you. I’m not fighting it. I’ve only ever been with you, Preacher, and you’re the one I want.” She stroked a finger down his chest, resting her palm flat against his heart. “Tell me you don’t want me.”

“I think you know I do.”

“Do you know I’ve never even had an orgasm? Our time together was our first and only time.” She looked him in the eye and smiled. “I want all of my firsts, to be with you.”

Chapter Eighteen

The good guy would send her away.

The good guy wouldn’t take her hand, leading her upstairs to his bedroom.

The good guy would make sure she was only with his son.

It was a good thing that Preacher wasn’t a good guy.

He hadn’t been with a woman since the night of his son’s party. The only woman he’d been wanting was this one right here, the one who’d just confessed how much she wanted him, and damn it, if it didn’t turn him on.

Once inside his bedroom, he closed the door and moved up close to her.

Cupping the back of her neck, he tilted her head back, kissing those full, plump lips that had been driving him insane for a while now. He’d been imagining the feel of them.

The vague memory he had of that one night wasn’t a good experience, but he intended to wipe the slate clean.

Robin didn’t have to think of those moments, or worry about them. They were over. He’d show her what it was really supposed to be like.

While distracting her with his lips, he pushed her jacket off her body, sliding it down until it hit the floor.

Breaking from the kiss, he licked down to her neck, sucking over the pressure point of her pulse.

She gasped his name, moaning as he touched her breasts. They were nice, plump, and so fucking sexy. He wanted to fuck her really hard, but he held himself back. His dick was ready to explode.

It hadn’t seen any action but his fist in some time, and he ignored the building need now.

He lifted her shirt up over her head and then knelt on the floor, pressing a kiss to her stomach and her scar from the glass. His own body had many scars and marks from his time in the club and even before it. They all told a story, and Robin’s was just as precious to him.

Unbuttoning her jeans, he slid them down her thighs.

She wore black lace underwear that made her pale skin really stand out.

Stroking the tips of his fingers up her thighs, he took her panties down, and she stepped out of them. Staring up her body, he kissed each knee, each thigh, her stomach on either side, before getting to her tits. He flicked the catch at the front of her bra, and she was naked.

Her heavy tits filled his hands, and she moaned.

When she went to cover herself, he captured her hands, putting them around his shoulders.

“Don’t ever hide from me, Robin. Not if you want me to spank your ass. You’ve come to me. You play by my rules, understand?”


“Good.” He kissed her neck. “You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re not naked.”

“I will be.” He moved her toward the end of his bed, sitting her down. “Remember, no hiding.” He put her hands on the edge of the bed. “Don’t move.”

He stepped back, releasing his jeans. He didn’t bother with boxer briefs either. The jeans were years old and comfortable, the denim well-worn.

Kicking them to one side, his cock sprang out, and he watched her reaction. There was no way for her to hide her appreciation, and he didn’t want her to.

Wrapping his fingers around his length, he worked it up and down, but again, he wasn’t in a rush. He wasn’t some prepubescent boy with his first woman. He was a full-grown man, and besides, the last time he was with Robin, vague though it was, wasn’t worthy of a woman’s first time.

He was going to make her scream, moan, beg.

Being a large man, if he tried to fuck her before she was ready, it would hurt. Milly had admitted to him she’d put some lubrication on Robin’s pussy so she’d be slick and it would fool him when he fucked her to believe it was a woman who wanted him.

He’d hurt the woman even more because of that.

Now though, there was no lube, and Preacher wanted her to be dripping wet.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.


There was no hesitation from her. She didn’t doubt him, and he fucking loved the trust she gave him. He kissed her hard, and she moved back until she was lying down, spread open, waiting for him.

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