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He remembered what it was like to be a kid filled with hormones, and he didn’t like it being there, and he sure as fuck didn’t want to have to talk about it now.

Killing Bishop’s mother probably wasn’t the best idea, but she wouldn’t have been a help now, anyway. She’d hated his guts, and even though Bishop didn’t remember much, she’d not been a nice mother to him anyway.

As far as she was concerned, he was the evil spawn of Satan, and well, he thought she was a two-faced, lying slut bitch.

They all had issues.

Heading into his clubhouse, he ignored the calls from his men. They knew when to back off. Some of the women didn’t get the memo and tried to paw at him. Again, he wasn’t happy and kept on moving, pushing them away.

He went straight to Bishop’s room.

The door was partially open, and Preacher paused outside of it.

“Why the fuck do I have to do this?” He mouthed the words to himself, pushing the door open.

He saw his naked son’s ass, pounding into a very willing, moaning Milly, who was spread wide open. She held her ass open, and Bishop had gone for the tight, puckered hole.

Preacher walked into the room, turning off the radio.

“Play time’s over.”

“Dad, fuck, I’m nearly finished.”

“You’re finished now.” He looked at Milly. “Get out.”

She knew not to fight and quickly pulled away from Bishop, climbing off the bed and scrambling out of the room.

“Dad, come on. She wanted me in her ass, begged for it after nearly sucking me dry.”

“You think I sent you to your room to have a bunch of fun?” he asked, folding his arms.

“I’m not a child.”

“You’re acting like one. You think all this bad shit goes away without payment? Without some reason to have men and women turn the other way?”

“Nothing bad happened. I had some fun with Robin. What’s the big deal? It’s not like she’s going to need the education anyway. She’ll be my wife and do as she’s told. I’ll take care of her.”

This was news to Preacher, and he smirked. “Does Robin even know what you have planned for her?”

“No. She’ll do as I say.”

“And while you go around ordering people, you’re going to what? Tell Bear he’s an asshole and he shouldn’t interfere?”

Bishop opened his mouth, closed it, and opened it again.

“You can order Robin around. You can tell people what they’re not going to do and make them follow orders, but that’s not a reality here, Bishop. Robin’s not sticking around if she doesn’t want to. You should know that. You’ve been hanging around her for years. I seem to recall vaguely she has a dream of going to college, right?”

His son snorted. “But she doesn’t need it.”

“It doesn’t matter if she needs it or not. She has a choice, and you’re not taking it away.”

“What does it matter to you? She’ll be my wife.”

“Maybe I should call Billy. Tell him to come and arrest you, throw your ass in jail with a couple of the tough guys. See how far you get when you don’t have me to come and get you. You’d be someone’s pretty boy, you know that?” Preacher asked.

Bishop rolled his eyes.

“I’m done,” Preacher said.

His son looked toward him.

“If you want to push and test me, go ahead. Today was the last day I help you out of any little hiccup you cause. You think you’re so smart, telling me what you will and won’t do as if you have a choice in the matter. Fine, go ahead, be this big tough guy you think you are. I won’t be there to bail you out, and neither will any of my men.”

“I’m still your son.”

“I know, and, Bishop, I’ve got a lot of enemies. Let’s hope they don’t hear about this ultimatum because I won’t be coming for you. I won’t help you. You’re my son by name, but I wash my hands of you.”

He stepped out of his son’s room.

If Bishop wanted to test him, he could go right on ahead, but Preacher wouldn’t help. The only way to deal with a spoiled brat like Bishop was to push him at his own game. He could try to fight him every single step of the way, but it wouldn’t work.

No one would ever be loyal to Bishop. His son had shown his true colors one too many times, and people were fucking tired of it. Preacher knew for a fact he was.


Grabbing a beer on the way out toward the fire, he took a seat next to Bear, swigging his cold drink.

It wasn’t what he needed, but for the time being it would do.

“You okay?” Bear asked.

“I don’t know why people have kids. I really don’t. I’m starting to understand why animals kill theirs. Little shits, they always think they know best.” He glanced over at Bear to see his friend smiling. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you got a good one. A nice little angel. Academic and all that bullshit.”

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