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She never told him about it though, or questioned him. Robin accepted his shortcomings all the time.

Once her teeth were brushed and she’d splashed water on her face, she went toward the kitchen where Randall Scott, a fifty-year-old man, and the main doctor to the club when they didn’t want to go to the hospital, was waiting to tend to her.

“Let’s get this handled, shall we?”

Chapter Two

After dropping Robin back at home, and having Rebecca flirt with him, Preacher was ready to take a shower. Just a few moments in Rebecca’s company and he felt sorry for Bear, but the stupid fuck didn’t have to marry her, but he chose to.

Preacher shook his head, running a hand down his face. He was tired, which was a first for him.

Bishop had been acting out a lot lately, and Preacher had been lenient with him, maybe too much with how he’d started to disrespect the teachers, the law, even him. The principal didn’t like him. It didn’t help that he and Arnold went way back, even before he’d become part of the Twisted Monsters MC. They’d never been friends, but Arnold had a thing for a woman. It had been that long ago and so not important, Preacher couldn’t even remember her name. She’d had big tits, nice ass, and a mouth with a reputation for sucking dicks.

He’d bet Arnold that he’d have her giving up her ass before Arnold could.

When he made that bet, Arnold hadn’t known about her reputation of being easy. What Preacher hadn’t known at the time was that Arnold didn’t know about her. He figured everyone knew, but of course, that wasn’t the case. Since then, Arnold had held a grudge against him. He would find any reason to be pissed at Bishop.

Dragging Robin into it wouldn’t be good. Arnold, in the past twenty years, had developed a mean streak, and out of all of the girls and women Preacher knew, Robin was a good one.

Which was a big fucking surprise considering she came from Rebecca, the spiteful cow that she was. She had no regard for anyone but herself, and it surprised him her daughter hadn’t picked up a few traits.

Rebecca had been club pussy for a long time before Bear knocked her up. Like himself with Bishop, Bear had gotten the necessary tests to confirm Robin was his before he committed.

Preacher had never committed. He’d never given himself to a woman, and never would.

Arriving back at the clubhouse, he wasn’t surprised to see a fire burning with Bear and a couple of the guys sitting around it, beers in hands as well as smokes, shooting the shit, and feeling up a couple of the women.

The moment he saw him, Bear got up, dropping the woman off his lap onto the floor, and walking over.

“How is she?” Bear asked.

“Fine. On the way over to my place she had a bit of vomiting, but other than that, okay. The cut isn’t too deep, but it depends on how it heals Doc said. There was some dirt in it, but Bishop had taken her up near the fields. You know where.”

“Speaking of your kid, he’s brooding in his room.”

“Isn’t that what teenagers do?”

“Yeah, Milly went into see him. Hasn’t been out since.” Bear shook his head.

Milly was a young twenty-something blonde. She’d been hanging around the club for a year. Popular with the guys because she was into anything, but Preacher had seen her real target. His son.

“I’ll go and have a talk with him,” Preacher said. Maybe it wouldn’t involve a curfew or fists.

“You have a word with him about bagging his shit. I know he thinks Milly is some kind of angel, but we all know that woman’s got a brain behind her ears, and she’s after one thing. Also, if he thinks he’s going to be playing with my girl with his infected dick, he’s got another think coming.”

“You think they’re not fucking already?” Preacher asked.

He hadn’t thought about Bishop and Robin actually having sex. Teenagers getting it on never entered his mind.

He wasn’t a teenager, hadn’t been for a long time, and he didn’t think about his son fucking anyone. It was gross.

“No, they’re not.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I talked to Robin.”

“Yeah, because kids tell you the truth.”

Bear rubbed the back of his head. “I’m not going to lie to you. My girl doesn’t lie to me. I asked her to be honest, and she was. Said she hadn’t had sex yet, and wasn’t ready. Bishop wanted to, but he’d respected her decision not to. It’s the only reason I allow them to still hang out.”

“You think she knows he’s banging everything at the club?”

“Not my business to know.” Bear held his hands up.

“I better go talk to him.” Preacher would rather take on a room full of rattlesnakes than have a talk with a highly hormonal kid.

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