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She hated how sick she felt.

Nothing bad could happen. She was pregnant, and there was no one she could trust more than Preacher.

What can I do?

Stay indoors.

But he might be in danger.

What can you do other than cause trouble?

Stay indoors.

It was wrong. Leaving him to face off with all those men. She had never seen them before. What if they hurt Preacher?


“You shouldn’t fucking be here,” Preacher said, storming out of the diner.

He wasn’t afraid of the little shits before him. He’d faced off with the Slaves alone, and they’d not killed him yet. None of them were worth his time, but he couldn’t allow them to walk into the diner, and he certainly couldn’t allow them to walk through town.

“I don’t see a sign that says it’s your town.”

“You know this is my town, Reaper. What do you want?”

“Went out for a drive. Decided on a bite to eat.” Reaper looked into the diner. “I have to say, the rumors are … interesting.”

Preacher stared at his enemy.

“She looks young, Preacher.”

This wouldn’t be the first or last time Reaper had tried to get to him. He stared at his enemy and waited for whatever it was he wanted to say.

There was nothing between them, no reason for Reaper to be in town.

If he thought for even a second Robin was in danger, he never would have brought her out. He hoped she’d done as he’d asked and stayed in-fucking-side. He couldn’t even give himself a chance to look behind him to see if she was safe.

He didn’t care about himself. Whatever Reaper threw at him, he could handle without even thinking. This wasn’t their first encounter. It wouldn’t be their last. When it came to Reaper, the fucker only knew how to hide. Reaper and his crew were experts at getting lost without a trace. They were known for constantly moving around, never staying in the same place, and forever being on the move, leaving only chaos and carnage in their wake.

“You’re not going to say anything to defend her honor? She’d be a nice piece of ass for all of us to share, don’t you think? I’ve heard you like taking ass, but then who could have told me that?” Reaper paced in front of him, doing all the necessary acting parts, and Preacher waited.

There was no reason for him to lash out right now. He had to protect Robin and he couldn’t do that if O’Klaren suddenly turned up, and then he smiled.

“You’re thinking of Flora, but don’t worry. It’s easy to make such a mistake. You wouldn’t want that woman in there. She’s … how do I put it? Loyal. She’s not a rat and last time I checked, all you men wanted were rats. The scummy parts the other clubs don’t want.” He stepped closer to Reaper. “Now, when we talk about rats, what the hell are you doing talking to O’Klaren?”

This time Reaper smiled. “And what makes you think I’m talking with him?”

“I’m not an idiot.” He heard the unmistakable rumble of bikes. “I suggest you get the hell out of town while you’ve still got limbs attached.”

Reaper looked past him to the diner.

Why was he looking at her?

It pissed him off that he was paying close attention to Robin. He didn’t allow himself the chance to look.

He didn’t need to worry. His men arrived and were at his back within moments.

“Ah, the entourage. I forgot you can’t do anything without them.” Reaper clicked his fingers. “We didn’t come to start a fight, and with that in mind, we’re going to head out. Come on boys, we got what we came for.”

He didn’t move as he watched them climb onto their bikes and leave. One by one, he let them go.

“You want us to go after them?” Bear asked.

“No, let them get out of town.”

When the last red light was gone, he finally allowed himself to turn around. He looked toward the diner and saw Robin was sitting watching. She didn’t look happy. The fear was evident in her eyes, but he now knew Reaper was looking at her.

“What the fuck were they doing in town?” Grave asked, coming close.


“You think O’Klaren invited them?”

“I know O’Klaren invited him, but I don’t know why unless it was to fuck with my head.” He had an inkling it was to do with Robin. Reaper had the perfect shot of her from where they’d been standing, and he didn’t like how close of a call that had been.

Running fingers through his hair, Preacher tried to think, but his head wasn’t in the game.


“Shit, I totally forgot Robin’s birthday. I was supposed to bring her over a present days ago.”

“She was on her own that day. We learned the sex of the baby today. It’s why we’re out here now. I was trying to give her some space, you know.”

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