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See, it was the little things he took care of which made her feel so many different things.

Her heart racing, she stared at the screen as Randall put the gel on her stomach. Her hands shook a little, but she ignored them.

She could handle this. No matter what this was, she could handle it.

“How does the baby look?” she asked.

“She is looking beautiful,” Randall said.

“She?” Robin asked.

“Yes. Congratulations, you’re going to be parents of a beautiful baby girl.”

Randall pointed at a few blobs on the screen, but she ignored him. All she cared about was seeing her little girl.

He printed out the picture again, handing it to her. He wiped the gel off her stomach, and she pushed her shirt down. He took some measurements, her weight, and did an overall check.

“I want you to take it easy. If you have any fears or concerns, call me. You have the number.”

“Do you think there will be complications?” She didn’t want anything to happen to her baby.

“The human body is an amazing thing, but it does like to cause a few troubles. We can handle most things, but I want to be on the safe side. This is your first child. Everything looks good right now, Robin. You don’t need to worry.”

Preacher led her outside, and she found he’d taken the car this time.

“I figured you wouldn’t appreciate walking. You’re feeling tired?”

“It’s not too bad.”

“You’re going to have to rest. I’ll talk to your principal.”

“I’m still going to school.”

“If you’re tiring yourself out, you can’t.”

“I can go to school. There’s no way I can stay at home all day doing nothing. It will drive me crazy.”

“Nice,” he said.

“I don’t mean to be mean. It didn’t come out right.”

“You’re freaking out about our impending parenthood?”

“A little. I don’t even know what to expect. Just ignore me.”

“It’ll be fine.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. I have no doubt.”

She let out a breath. “I hope so.” She looked down at the picture. “A girl. We’re going to have a little baby girl.”

He took the picture, and she smiled as he pressed a kiss to it. “See, no harm done. Let’s go and get something to eat.”

This time he didn’t take her out of town. He took her to the diner in town.

They didn’t go for a private booth but sat at a small table for two. She ordered a burger with all the trimmings while he opted for a steak. She glanced around the diner and saw they were being stared at.

“Why are people staring?” she asked.

“I’ve taken my son’s wife out to dinner. I’m guessing they’re being nosy bastards.”

“I wish they wouldn’t look.”

“Turn your eyes away. Go back to your dinner,” Preacher said, getting to his feet. She reached across the table, trying to stop him.

People averted their gaze.

“Did you have to do that?”

“You didn’t want them staring. This is the only way to do that.”

Their food arrived, and her hands shook a little.

“I’m thinking the room next to you will be the perfect nursery. It has a lot of space. I’ve already put an order in for a crib. When it arrives, I’ll put it up.”

“Can I decorate it?” She thought about the plain cream walls. She’d love to add a splash of color.

“Are you going to turn it pink?”

“Not completely. Just a little bit. It’ll look good. We’re going to … it’s going to be a girl.” She looked around to see if anyone had been listening to her slip-up.

No one was paying them any attention. She breathed out a sigh of relief.

“You need to stop stressing about the small stuff, sweetheart. You can decorate. Let me know what it is you want, and I’ll get it for you.”

“Can I see your drawings?” she asked.


“Come on. It could be good for us.”

“What are you wanting me to do? Draw something on the wall?”

“Why not? She’ll have some artwork from her dad.”

“What if it’s a naked woman?”

“Is that all you draw?”


“Then let me decide. Come on, it’ll be good.”

She noticed him tense up as he looked past her out the diner window.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Stay here,” he said, getting to his feet. He handed her his cell phone. “Get Bear and a couple of guys.”

“What’s going on?”

He didn’t answer but walked out of the diner.

There were a couple of bikers. She didn’t recognize their logo. Nibbling her lip, she quickly dialed her father.

Bear answered on the second ring. “What’s up?”

“Dad, Preacher asked me to call. We’re at the diner in town, and a bunch of bikers have turned up. Slaves something. I don’t know who they are.”

“Fuck! I’ll grab the boys.”

“What do I do?”

“What did Preacher tell you to do?”

“To stay inside.”

“Then do that.”

“But what if he’s in danger?”

“Do as you’ve been told, Robin. Don’t put yourself or Preacher in danger.” He hung up, and she looked out the window to see him facing off with the other bikers. The one who stood close to Preacher, he looked just as deadly and as menacing.

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