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“I do believe they have creams for sore breasts.”

“I didn’t mean sore breasts.”

“I’m a guy. I know what you meant. I can pick you some up.”

“Okay.” She couldn’t look at him. “I guess you know about this.”

“There’s only been one time I’ve been through this with Bishop.”

“Were you close to his mom?”



He sighed. “If there is ever anything you need, anything at all, creams, or … books, or whatever it is you are into these days. Just tell me, and I’ll make it happen.”

“You don’t have to change your life for me, or try to make me more comfortable. I know this wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“Just because it wasn’t supposed to happen doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it now. I will take care of you, and one day, Bishop will come around.”

“Are you sure?”

“He doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s an order from me.”

“You’re still his dad. Does everything have to be an order?”



Preacher served them both “Come on, let’s go and eat at the table.”

She sat beside him as he handed her a plate with a fork already balanced on it.

“This looks really good.”


She speared a piece of pasta and slid it into her mouth, closing her eyes. “Oh, wow, this is amazing.”

“Just a good tomato sauce and pasta. You don’t need anything else.”

“You have so got that right.” She took another bite. It really was good. “How is my dad?”

“Bear’s holding up. I think it’s hard for him to know he’s going to be a granddad to my child, but he’ll deal with it.”

“You’re used to a lot of people dealing with it.”

“Shit happens in life. It’s not always my fault, but I deal with it.”

Just like she had no choice but to deal with being pregnant, married, and living in the home of her best friend and her baby’s daddy.

Chapter Eight

It didn’t take a whole lot of time for it to get around school that she was pregnant. Of course, some of the girls were a little more spiteful. The fact she wore a wedding band really pissed a lot of people off.

Bishop, when they were out in the open, always acted the part of devoted husband. Robin smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips against her neck. It was all for show. He’d spent time with her. Random moments that were shared with each other, nothing else.

Closing her eyes, she basked in the feel of him, the closeness. It was strange. She had always enjoyed being close with him, but since she’d gotten pregnant, he treated her as if she was some kind of disease he had to hold off.

It was so strange to her.

“This is nice,” she said, spinning around, and he pressed her up against her closed locker.

“What is?”

“You, holding me. Treating me like I actually exist rather than pushing me away.”

“Give me a break here, Robin. You know this is hard.”

“You think this is hard?” She shook her head. “You know, it’s not easy for me. Do you really think I wanted any of this?”

“You know, getting rid of it is still an option. Preacher wouldn’t mind.”

She stopped. She’d not been asked about what she wanted to do with the baby since the revelation of who the father was. She’d not thought about getting rid of it.

The morning sickness did suck and continued to be a problem for her. Also feeling sick at the slightest of smells wasn’t exactly a good thing. There was a lot she was hating about the pregnancy, but there were moments when she’d think about her little baby. She didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. Randall had advised her she may not get to see the sex of her baby on the first ultrasound, which he’d set up at his private clinic for next week.

Bishop and Preacher both said they’d be there, but she didn’t know if she could rely on them to show up. There was so much to be uncertain of.

She spent a great deal of time on her own. Bishop was always out, probably with half of the girls who hated her guts, which wasn’t a problem. She completely understood he had his own life to lead, and even though they were married, they had this big problem between them.

It will only get bigger and rounder.

“I … erm…”

“Robin Riley.”

She turned her head to see Principal Arnold walking toward her.

“Sir,” she said.

Bishop didn’t pull away from her.

She was still reeling from the revelation that Bishop wanted her to get rid of it, or at least it was an option.

Was it really an option?

“You’re wanted in my office.”

She looked at Bishop. He grabbed her bag. “Let’s go then.”

“You’re not coming here.”

“You think I’m going to allow you to drag my wife into your office without being close. Believe me, I will be there. Her name’s Robin Keats now. Remember it.” Bishop took her hand, and it was like their time at his place didn’t matter. They were together now when it mattered.

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