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“Yeah, daddy dearest will be pissed, but come on. What’s asshole really going to do? Complain that he can’t keep me in line?” He rolled his eyes. “I’m sick and tired of being PS. I’m one vowel away from being PMS!”

Robin burst out laughing, quickly covering her mouth when she saw the glare on Bishop’s face. “You’d need a consonant to be PMS. M isn’t a vowel.”

“Oh, yeah, of course I knew that. I’m not dumb.” Bishop put an arm across his face. She sat beside him.

She glanced around the open field. There were so many trees, and she loved coming out here, being alone, listening to only her thoughts and the occasional song of a bird. Closing her eyes now, she tilted her head back and enjoyed the freedom she felt.

“I totally forgot—do you want to stay in school? I know you hate it when I drag your ass out of there.”

She laughed. “It’s a little late now to be worrying, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. You love it when I take you, though, right?”

“Yeah, totally. It is right up there in stuff I want to do. Have my best friend kidnap me.”

“I’m more than your best friend, and you know it.” He lifted up, grabbed the back of her head, and before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her, hard. It wasn’t a sweet kiss. Sure, they’d kissed more times than she could count, because, to the rest of the world, they acted like boyfriend and girlfriend, but she hadn’t wanted to take it to the next step. She didn’t know if she ever would, and a little part of her was afraid of giving in to Bishop.

Sure, sex was just sex. Two people coming together, and it wasn’t like it was a big deal. Why would it be? Sex was everywhere, and she heard everyone talking about it. Half of their school year had already done it.

She put a hand on his chest.

“Damn, I want you,” he said. He grabbed her hand, pressing it against his hard cock. After everything she’d witnessed and heard, she didn’t think it was possible to be embarrassed, but sure enough, she felt her cheeks starting to heat up at his bluntness. “I know you want to wait, but I can promise you, Robin, I can make you feel so, so good.”

“I have no doubt.”

Bishop ran his hand down from her neck going to her chest, and she captured his hand as he went to touch her breast. She knew what he wanted, but she wasn’t ready. Bishop didn’t know when to stop, and he was always talking about her tits, ass, and how her body was made to be fucked. Yep, he was that colorful with everything. She didn’t mind her body. Being a curvy girl, she had learned to own it. She loved her body, even if her mother would tell her repeatedly that no one wanted a fat girl. At school, no one would dare comment about her weight. During their early school years, Bishop had beaten up plenty of guys for calling her fat. The girls all wanted Bishop, so they left her alone. She could handle herself no matter what.

“Ugh, fine. Fine. You know you can’t wait forever though, right? One day you’re going to have to give up your V-card.”

“I know you don’t like me … being this way. I’m not trying to hurt you.”

“Do you know what this does to a man? It makes it hurt. I could explode if I don’t fuck, Robin. I mean, seriously, you need to stop being so afraid. Nothing bad will happen. The complete opposite in fact.”

“Wow, you certainly know how to charm a girl, don’t you?” Every single time she said no to him, he always tried to guilt her and sometimes she did give in to the guilt, but not today.

When she was ready, she would have sex. There was no law that stated she had to have sex as soon as possible.

“Look, I’m sorry.”

“You know, you could help me along.” He started to unbuckle his pants, and she knew what was coming and hated it. What was more, she didn’t tell him no, even though it made her really uncomfortable to do what he wanted.

She liked his kisses, even if they weren’t the best, a little wet and sloppy, his hands always getting on the grabby side, which made any kiss a little uncomfortable.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, what could this be?” He pulled out his cell phone.

She took note it was the latest make and model. She hated phones, but her dad required her to have one in case she was ever in any trouble. He’d also advised her he’d put a GPS in her phone so he knew where she was at all times. It was a little detail she hadn’t told Bishop about. He liked to think when he stole her away, they were completely alone. “What?”

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