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Closing her locker, she stared at the grey surface, wondering if she would be able to bash her head in multiple times.

“Hey, baby,” Bishop said, touching her waist and kissing her neck.

She quickly pulled away, not wanting his touch.

He looked at her, again, like she was weird, which she was. How else could she describe the way she was being?

“What is going on?” Bishop asked.

“Nothing. Nothing is going on. I’m just really busy.”

“We’re supposed to be hanging out tonight. Hello, did you forget?”

“Don’t you have that assignment to do for your dad?” Bishop had called her up after his first day of getting to know someone called Thomas. Preacher had trusted him with a mission to find out what was going on with all things Thomas and to report back to him. He’d been doing this for a couple of weekends now.

“I know, and you’re supposed to be coming with me. You know, make me look stable, and help me out. You promised. You have this way about you that draws people in, Robin. Don’t bail on me.”

She stared at her best friend and felt close to tears. Averting her gaze, she shook her head. “I’m sorry. I can’t.”

Without waiting for an answer, she walked out of the school and headed toward town.

Bishop didn’t bother to follow her, and she was so grateful he didn’t. She didn’t want to talk to him or have anything to do with him right now.

I slept with his dad.

She’d been trying to deal with everything going on in her life. From the events of the party, which she still had nightmares about. In some of her dreams she was unable to move while each member took turns, which was just crazy because nothing like that happened. Then it would change, and she’d actually be enjoying what Preacher did.

Was he raped too? Did he know what he was doing to her?

Did he even know it was her?

She hadn’t spoken to him or seen him since.

There was no way she was going around the clubhouse either. Not with Milly there, waiting, watching, probably mocking her from where she stood.

The other woman was vile to the core, and she wanted nothing to do with her.

Rubbing at her temple, Robin tried not to feel sick.

She entered the small library. It only had two floors, and the books were limited. She knew they’d been struggling for funding for a long time. She’d tried to write to the necessary boards and people to offer more funding, but so far, nothing. Next, she planned on talking to her dad. At least she knew through the club, stuff would be done.

Finding the science department, she grabbed her books and sat at the table, opening them up, and just hoping no one tried to talk to her. She had to be alone with her thoughts, and always looking deep in study helped her a great deal.

Don’t think about it.

Don’t think about it.

Look, biology.

It’s great.

You have to think about it.

No, I don’t.


You haven’t had a period.

Shut up. It doesn’t matter.

You know what no period means.

It means I’m stressed and I’ll get it tomorrow or when I do.

You’re not this stupid.

It doesn’t mean anything.

What about the good old morning sickness? Have you got a good explanation about that?

Sitting back, she swiped the tear that fell down her cheek.

If she pretended for long enough, it wouldn’t exist. She wouldn’t be in the middle of a crisis and everything would go back to the way it was supposed to. Resting her hands on her stomach, she closed her eyes, taking deep breaths.

It was all she could do right now.


That one word terrified her more than anything. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do about it, if she could even do anything at all.

The hours ticked by, and in between trying not to panic, she flicked through the pages of the musty old books, feeling … empty.

There was no way she could tell her best friend what had happened. He was her boyfriend. She’d never thought of Bishop as her boyfriend.

When the library was about to close, she put her books away, put her coat on, and headed outside. Her home wasn’t too far, and she started to walk, only to pause when a truck, one she recognized, came to a stop.

She turned and offered up a smile even as her heart raced and her entire body tensed.

“You okay, Robin?” Preacher said.

“Yeah, fine.”

“I thought you were helping Bishop out tonight.”

“I was, but I had to study.” And panic like a crazy person because I think I’m pregnant with your child. See, had to study.

“It’s getting cold out. Jump in. I’ll give you a ride home.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind the walk.”

“You’re turning down a ride?” he asked.

She forced a smile to her lips. “No, of course not.”

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