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She was loose in all the right ways.

He also wasn’t stupid. When she didn’t think he was looking, he’d seen the way she looked at his dad. There was only one prize she wanted, and with him, she truly believed he was second best.

Wrapping her hair around his fist, he tugged her back. With his other hand, he held onto her hip, hoping he’d leave bruises. She wanted to use him to further her own agenda, and he wanted to use her body to deal with all the pent-up frustration Robin wouldn’t let him take out on her.

If he’d pushed the issue, he might have gotten her to go down on him or use her hand. He knew she hated doing it, but he was desperate and he was a guy. If only she’d relax and let him take care of her, he’d make it good for her.

A virgin.

He still couldn’t believe she was still a virgin even at seventeen.

He’d lost his V-card at thirteen to one of the club women who sucked his dick like it was a lollipop. He’d loved every second of it, and since then he couldn’t get enough.

His heart belonged to Robin.

He loved her.

She was his soulmate, his very reason for breathing, but sometimes, he needed to scratch an itch, and … Robin didn’t put out and he’d seen plenty of the brothers use the women when their wives weren’t satisfying them at home. There would come a time when Robin finally gave him what he wanted, but until then, he had to use the women, just to slake this need.

There were times he really did feel like he was going to explode, and why not use a willing woman when he could?

Closing his eyes, he imagined it was Robin spread out beneath him. She had some amazing curves, and when he got started with kissing her, he loved to touch her, to feel her come apart in his arms just from a single caress.

It drove her wild, and he fucking loved seeing her like it.

“Yeah, fuck, yeah, Robin.”


He ignored Milly’s question. Yanking on her hair, he came, spilling his cum into the condom.

Milly had wanted to go bareback, but again, he wasn’t stupid when it came to her.

He filled the condom with his cum before finally pulling out of her. As he did, he removed the condom, tossing it into the trash.

“You know you don’t have to wear those with me. I’m clean.”

“Yeah, you tell that to all of the other guys?”

“No. Only you. You’re special.”

“Yeah, right. You want me to believe I’m special.” He shook his head. He wasn’t born yesterday, and there was no way he’d get into bed with this woman without wearing one.

She sat up, going to her knees, pushing her tits high up.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“You know I do.”

She wrapped her fingers around his spent cock, but he was more than happy to go again.

“I could give you the world, Bishop. Show you things you’ve only ever seen in your fantasies. Wouldn’t you like that?” She leaned down, licking the tip. His cum was still sticky and on his length.

He watched her, seeing and feeling himself getting harder as she started to work him.

“You taste so good. Do you want me to swallow your cum? I can show it to you. I know men like that. They like to see their cum in a woman’s mouth.” She took the entire head into her mouth, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling. “I can do so much for you.” She went back down on his length again, this time choking on him. “A lot more. So much more than Robin.”

At the mention of Robin’s name, he lost his temper. Shoving her away, he was disgusted with himself.

“You don’t get to say her name.”

“But you like what I’m doing to you,” she said.

Wrapping his fingers around her neck, he pulled her close.

“You’re nothing but a dirty fucking whore. Your only use is to suck on my dick when I want you to, and you won’t say Robin’s name again. Do you understand me? Not in my presence. Not anywhere. She’s a better woman than you’ll ever be. Do you understand?”

She nodded, clawing at his hands. “Yes. Yes. Please. You’re hurting me.”

He shoved her down to the floor and held his dick, which was still hard. “Now you can make it up to me, and suck it, right.”

Chapter Three

“What else do you have to report?” Preacher asked.

He glanced around the underground basement, which had just seen one of the most brutal fights in all of its history.

He knew shit could go from bad to worse in a second, but three men had lost their lives tonight, all to the champion calling himself Kabel.

The man was a monster, but Preacher knew all about monsters. He was one, and it took a lot to make him afraid of anyone.

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