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I turn and watch her take a step, then another.

One more, and I’m filled with a dire urgency to prevent her from doing this.

No… filled with a need to prevent her from doing this with anyone but me.

It only takes me two paces before I’ve got her hand locked in mine. She gives a small gasp as I pull her in the opposite direction toward the exit door.

“What are you doing?” she asks as she tries to pull away.

“I’m taking you back to my place.” I give a tug on her so she catches up to my long stride. “And I don’t want to hear anything from you about it. You want me to fuck you? Fine, but it’s going to be done in privacy.”

She doesn’t say a word, so I keep muttering. “Can’t believe you came to a sex club, for fuck’s sake. Or came back to one a second time. Jesus, Jorie… just… fuck.”

I think I hear her husky laugh and I swear I’d strangle her if it was true, but I grit my teeth and don’t say another word as we make our way back to the Social Room.

“Call down and have them bring my car around,” I tell Larissa.

“Yes, Mr. Brooks,” she says as I punch the elevator button. The doors immediately open, and we walk in. Jorie stands close to me on the ride down. Maybe I’m going crazy or something, but I feel like I can smell her lust. Or maybe it’s mine I’m smelling.

We reach the bottom floor, through the lobby of the Onyx Casino, and for the first time, I leave The Wicked Horse with a hard-on. My car is indeed waiting for me, and my driver opens the door. With my hand gently on Jorie’s back, I guide her in first. She moves to the opposite side. When I get in, I stick to my side, knowing if I touch her, I’ll fuck her before we make it back to The Royale.

In fact, I don’t even look at her.

She’s too much of a temptation.



I’m slightly disappointed that Walsh pulled me out of The Wicked Horse. The sexual energy in that place is off the charts, and I want to do very bad things with him in front of a lot of people.

But I can’t be too disappointed when I’m ultimately getting what I wanted, which is Walsh. He might be like my older brother in some ways, but not in enough to deter me the way it’s deterring him. I’ve crushed on the man since I knew what a crush was, and I wasn’t lying when I said I had dirty thoughts about him. But we went our separate ways, and I forgot about him in those sexy ways.

Until last night when he had me in The Wicked Horse, and now it might be fair to say I’m obsessed with feeling that way again. Yes, we were in a public place and yes, he had me on a freaking dildo machine, but truth be told… it was all Walsh who made me feel so good. I may not have known it was him behind that mask, but I certainly was drawn to many things about the mysterious man. His physical looks, his magnetic presence, and his completely alpha orders to me were exactly what I was craving.

Vince was not like that in bed. If anything, he was sort of passive and unsure of himself at times the more I think about it. Well, the more I compare him to Walsh. Maybe I wasn’t any good with him because he didn’t give me any reason to be?

The ride to The Royale is done in silence because I’m afraid that one mistaken word from me will have Walsh simply driving me to Henderson and dumping me off at my apartment. I know I’ve pushed him to his limits and I’ve goaded him into something that he feels is wrong, but ultimately my conscience can handle that for two reasons.

First, he’s a big boy and he had a choice. He chose me.

Second, he might think it’s wrong, but I’m positive he wants me very badly so I’m really doing him a solid.


Our car pulls up to the front of The Royale. Walsh opens the door and steps out without waiting for the driver. He’s pissed at me so I’m surprised when he offers me his hand to exit. I do so, tugging my skirt back down. I’d dressed totally appropriate for The Wicked Horse, but not so much to walk through an elegant hotel.

I try to press into him as we walk into the lobby, but he steps a bit away from me as he mutters, “You dressed the part to seduce me tonight, Jor. Own it.”

My face flames hot as we walk hand in hand to the private elevator that will lead up to his penthouse. He doesn’t have a security card to swipe the way Bentley did, but he flips open a panel and punches in a long code.

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