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Or maybe she waited until she got home. I could see her using the hand-held sprayer to pulse water over her clit, or maybe she waited until she was naked in bed. Legs spread wide with her slicked fingertips rubbing herself. Perhaps thinking of that couple she watched fuck up close, or maybe she even thought of Helena sucking me off.

She’d look fabulous in a bed made with black satin sheets, legs spread wide and begging me to fill her up. Fuck her slowly.

No wait… I don’t want her in a bed. I won’t make love to her. I want her on her knees before me or better yet… locked in the stocks while I fuck her. I want her in every dirty way I can imagine, and let’s face it… I’d take her on black satin sheets and make love to her all right.

I wonder if I put the moves on her, would she submit to me? I either need to step up my game or forget about using Trista to get my revenge on Jayce.

Standing from my desk, I make my way out of my office and lock up behind me. I’ll hang out in The Social Room for a bit and see if anyone interesting comes through. If not, I’ll probably call it an early night and catch a late baseball game on TV. Granted, owning a sex club means that I have sex.

A lot.

But I don’t have it every night, and there are times I’m not even interested. A beer, pizza, and ESPN preferable.

On the flip side, there are times I can get in a mood and want to do something totally whacked on the kink scale, and there’s not much I haven’t tried.

Tonight… I’m ambivalent, but I will give a quick peek inside to see if there are any regulars who interest me.

Just as I reach over to flip my monitor off, something catches my eye on the security feed. While I have a security team that monitors the activity in the rooms in person and from a security office down the private hall, I also occasionally watch the feeds. I’m not interested in the patrons or what they’re doing, but the general flow of things and to make sure my business is being well run. That the bartenders are filling drinks quickly, and the cleaners are doing their job as efficiently as possible.

Yes, so I may have excessively watched Trista over the last few days, but it’s my fucking club. She’s also part of my fucking favor owed, and I will be using her to my satisfaction before her thirty days are up.

What catches my eye on the monitor is shocking, and I sit back down in my chair so I can be sure about what I’m seeing.

It’s Trista.

Walking through The Social Room toward the bar.

She’s wearing a short, black skirt and a white camisole-type top that’s loose but is cut in a “V” practically down to her navel, with crisscross strings tying the sides somewhat together. The inside swells of her breasts are visible but not much else. The sexiest part is she’s not wearing a bra and the material is very thin. Her nipples are clearly evident, and I wonder if it’s taking all that bravery she’s learned the last few days as she has opened up her acceptance to this club and turned it onto herself. Those long legs are made longer by a pair of obscenely high-heeled ankle boots. The spikes on those heels would look glorious pressed into my shoulders.

Everything about what I’m seeing now pleases me beyond understanding.

She walks through the foyer doors, and my eyes flip to the security feed. It shows her heading to The Orgy Room. If I had to guess, it’s Trista’s favorite just as she seems more interactive in there with patrons than the other rooms.

I sit down in my chair and watch. If I’d been asked what I thought the chances were that Trista Barnes would come to The Wicked Horse on her day off, the answer would have been “not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

But here she is… and I’m on edge to see what happens.

Thirty minutes later, I’m pushing out of my chair with only one destination in mind.

The Silo to talk to Trista.

I watched as she drank a glass of wine and chatted with the bartender. She stayed no more than twenty minutes and left as soon as she finished her drink.

My pulse raced, thinking she might be leaving, but I was relieved when I saw her walk through the foyer and down the hall to The Silo, and that’s when it hit me.

She’s here to try the lifestyle out.

And dressed the way she is, feeling brave, adventurous, and loosened up with a few drinks, she was going to get well laid tonight.

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