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Naughty, naughty girl.

My favorite though was when she would cross one long leg over the other and squeeze her thighs together as she watched, and I had no doubt her clit was probably pulsing with desire.

Trista was getting braver too. She never once took any man up on an offer to join, and there had been some I’d seen. I had told her she could if business was slow, but I also made a spectacle in front of Willis that she was off limits. Perhaps Trista thinks she’s off limits to everyone, and it’s fine by me if she wants to think that.

But while Trista may not have had sex with anyone, she certainly had a frisky side that shocked the shit out of me. She was working The Orgy Room one evening as I sat in my office, enjoying a nice scotch while watching her on the video feed. She walked the room, and even her walk was different. Her shoulders were held back, chin up, and there was extra sway in her hips as she wound her way in and out of the various pieces of furniture.

She stopped at a long, low chaise that was currently occupied by a man and a woman. Both naked, engaged in some heated foreplay. The man asked Trista for something, and she pulled a bottle of lube from her tray. The man didn’t take it at first, but merely flipped the woman over on her belly before hauling her to her hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her, one knee pressed into the vinyl cushioning and the other foot planted firmly on the floor for leverage.

He said something else to Trista, who laughed with delight but shook her head. My hand clenched, wondering if he invited her to join in and because I’d never seen Trista laugh like that, I thought perhaps she could be persuaded.

The man grinned at Trista and gripped the woman’s ass before him, spreading her cheeks apart. The man nodded his head that way, and I could practically read his lips—come on—and the expression on his face was pleading.

The woman turned her head to Trista, and it appeared she was appealing to her as well.

To do what to the woman’s ass was beyond me, but my lungs froze as I watched.

I swear I saw a mischievous glint start to sparkle in Trista’s eyes, and then she opened the lube. Stunned, I watched as she first turned it over the woman’s ass, and then squirted some right over the exposed seam and without a moment of hesitation, she turned to the man. He took his cock in hand, leaned his hips forward a bit, and let Trista squirt lube down his length.

He must have asked her to stroke him, but she just laughed again as she shook her head, putting the top back on the lube and placing it on the floor near the couple’s discarded clothes. The man started stroking his dick, but he nodded toward his clothes and said something to Trista. She squatted down gracefully, knees to the side but balancing the tray, and grabbed the man’s wallet. He directed her to open it, and she pulled out a bill. Trista made change and started to put the remainder back in the wallet, but the man said something else to her.

I assumed he was offering her a tip.

Trista shook her head again, but she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth as if she was perhaps reconsidering. The man nodded to the money in her hand, then to his cock, and my body went tight.

Trista nodded as she stood up and I also stood up from my chair—to do what I don’t know. Would I intervene if she participated?

Luckily, it wasn’t necessary because all Trista did was stand there and watch.

Watch as the guy gave her a huge grin before lining the head of his cock up to the woman’s anus and started to work his way in. Trista didn’t display one telling sign of shyness about standing there watching a man fuck a woman’s ass. She watched… crossed those legs… pressed her thighs together.

It was sexy as fuck to watch her watch that couple, and I sat right back down in my chair and palmed my own swelling dick. I bet if I called her into my office right then and slid my fingers in that thong, she would have been drenched.

My cock got harder, then, so I jerked off as I watched Trista watch what turned out to be a pretty hot ass fucking.

Tonight though, I won’t get to watch her. She came to me and made a good point about needing at least one night off a week. I wanted to argue with her, but I didn’t, and tonight was that night.

Sad I wouldn’t be able to watch her, wondering what would be running through her head. Wondering if she masturbated right in the locker room at the end of her shift because watching all that kinky fucking had made her horny.

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