Breaking Meredith - Page 34

I went to my bed without using her and woke up to her screaming to be let go.

So not only has Meredith cost me financially and mentally, she’s cost me the one female service group in the city who could be held to my standards.

Damnable women, all of them.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Simon?” she asks with a hiss, and I can tell yet again I’ve said something too brutally honest for her.

“No, I don’t kid or lie. If I have something to say to you, you can trust it will always be in full honesty. Now eat breakfast and get cleaned up for the day. It’s not healthy to sit here in your own filth.”

She screams out her frustration as I walk out of the room, shutting the door behind me.

As I twist the lock, I hear a thump against the door. Most likely a pillow.

“I’ll make sure to have clothes for you this evening,” I say through the door before walking away.

An hour later, I notice on one of my computer screens that the shower in her room is finally in use. She must have tried waiting me out in pure spite. That’s fine, she can be as stubborn as she needs.

She’ll find that I’m the rock she will break against.

I frown at the screen. I’ve done nothing but go over Cherry’s financial records for the last eighteen months. Nothing odd shows up until three months after Lucifer’s ordeal with taking over his wife’s former husband’s financial issues…

How did we miss something like that?

Killing her was a mistake. Perhaps a costly one, for me.

Checking the clock, I notice it’s getting closer to lunch time. Time to take care of the hellcat again.

I return to the kitchen and prepare three sandwiches, a bag of potato chips, and some fruit. Balancing three water bottles on the lunch tray, I walk back to her bedroom.

I open the door and check the dresser where I set the breakfast tray. At least she ate like a good girl.

I try not to smirk, but I’m afraid when I look at the aggravation in her eyes my mouth quirks up into one.

Setting the lunch tray on the dresser next to the empty breakfast one, I say, “I’ve prepared lunch for you and possibly dinner. I need to leave the house for a bit.”

“So you’re going to leave me here like some prisoner?” she snaps out at me.

“Yes.” I shrug my shoulders.

“I’m bored,” she says.

I point at the large flat screen television on the wall. “The remote is in the nightstand.”

Turning to leave, I feel my hackles rise as I hear her leave the bed in a rush. Whipping around, I snatch the fork she has raised in her hand.

I have no clue where she was going to stab me, but I make sure she doesn’t get the chance.

Pushing her hard, I send her sprawling back onto the bed. I watch as her hair falls into her eyes then I stalk forward and grab at both of her wrists.

“Meredith,” I growl. “This is your final warning for the day. If you do something else, I will make sure you know last night was just a warmup for the real deal.”

Her sputtering and cursing becomes so unladylike that I force both of her wrists into my one hand.

I push my free hand over her mouth and say, “Be quiet before I stick something in your mouth to silence you.”

Seething with rage, her eyes try to murder me. Fat lot of good that will do her. I’m onto to her games.

“Good girl,” I say, when she stops fighting my hands. “I’ll be back tonight.”

I remove my hand from her mouth and quickly push my lips hard against her plump pink lips. I don’t dare try to taste her though.

I know the dangers of that now.

Her eyes widen in shock as I pull away from her.

Releasing her, I stand from the bed. This time I back away from her to the door and then let myself out. Locking the door behind myself, I head out to my garage and climb into the black Escalade. I need to hurry if I’m going to make it to Lucifer’s compound in time.

Adjusting my firm cock around in my pants, I shrug out the tension in my shoulders.


Once again, she’s brought out the worst in me.



So my attempt to kill Simon failed miserably. I wasn’t really expecting to succeed, but I wasn’t really expecting his response either. After he left me high and dry last night, I was hoping, praying actually, that this physical connection between us was all in my head.

It was all just my sick, fuck up imagination, brought on by being cooped up so long in the townhouse without any male companionship…

But he proved that theory wrong the moment he pushed his lips against my lips.