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She cried out sharply. “Terrence! Please.”

She tried to back away, but he tightened his grasp on her thighs. “Not until I get my fill.” He stroked her deeper, twirling and sliding his tongue throughout her wetness. “You taste so sweet, baby,” he murmured.

The pleasurable sounds coming from her mouth were like the melody to his favorite song. He slid two fingers into her heat, and she climaxed. He clamped his mouth down on her and didn’t let up until the last spasm left her body.

He stood and kissed her hungrily while holding her trembling body. Terrence released her, turned her to face the piano and placed her hands on top. He removed a condom from his wallet, then rid himself of his pants and underwear. Tearing open the packet, he rolled it over his erection, came up behind her and kissed his way down her back while caressing the firm flesh of her butt. He angled her hips, bent his knees and gritted his teeth as he eased into her. The feel of her tightness surrounding him heightened his arousal. He planted his feet and set a strong rhythm, pumping in and out of her with deep, measured strokes.

“Yes,” Janae moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“Never, baby,” he groaned. He increased the tempo until she stiffened and screamed out his name. He pulled out, walked her backward, then turned to sit on the piano bench, lifting Janae to straddle his lap. “I love you, baby. You are my heart.”

“I love you, too.” She smiled softly and leaned forward to trace a path over his tattoo with her tongue.

He inhaled sharply at the contact, and his heart leaped. “Will you let me love you?” He’d never thought he would feel her hands on his body again, and he reveled in her touch.

“Touch me,” he whispered.

* * *

Janae ran her hands over his wide, sculpted chest, over his shoulders and up the back of his neck. “You know, a friend of mine said you’re a walking chocolate fantasy.” Pulling his head down, she used her tongue to trace around his mouth, and sucked on his bottom lip. “Mmm. I have to agree.”

“Baby, this isn’t fantasy, it’s real. It’ll always be real with us. Let me show you.” He lightly trailed his hands down her back, starting a blaze that spread like a wildfire throughout her body. He lifted her and rubbed his erection against her core, rekindling her passion.

“Don’t tease me.”

Holding her gaze, he positioned his shaft at her entrance and slowly brought her down. “I’m going to tease you and please you. Taste you. Kiss you. Love you.”

Her body trembled as much from the feel of him sliding slowly in and out as it did from his heated words spoken in that deep velvet voice. “Will you let me love you, too?”

“Anytime and as long as you want.”

The music played on repeat, blending with their passionate cries until Janae felt another climax building. She didn’t know how much more she could take.

He increased the pace, then slowed and pulled out to the tip. “You’re mine.” He surged back inside her, and she screamed as a third orgasm tore through her.

He followed her over the edge, groaning as he erupted. He kept thrusting, and when she came again, so did he.

“That song is going to get a lot of people in trouble,” Janae said, trying to catch her breath.

Terrence’s low chuckle rumbled in his chest. He stood with her in his arms and strode purposely from the room, taking her to his bedroom. He had more in store for them tonight.

Chapter 19

Janae glanced over at Karen, who bounced in her seat. She shook her head and smiled. “Does this remind you of anything?”

Karen burst out laughing. “Yeah. I think I’m experiencing a little déjà vu. Only this time, we’ve got the inside track. Girl, I’ve never flown on a private plane before—even Andre was impressed.” She smiled over at her boyfriend. “I guess I can’t get into any trouble this time.”

Janae laughed and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “Thank goodness.” Terrence had flown them to Los Angeles for his concert.

Karen leaned closer. “Who’s Devin’s date?”

Janae glimpsed over her shoulder at her brother whispering and smiling at his date. “Her name is Vivian. He says she’s a friend, but the way she’s grinning up at him might be saying something else.” The lights dimmed in the auditorium, and all conversation ceased.

The music started, and the crowd went wild. Monte came out onstage, and they screamed even louder. He caught Janae’s gaze, winked, then launched into his first song. They were seated front row, center stage, and close enough, as Karen had pointed out the last time, to see this fine man sweat. Only this time, he was her fine man. She sang along and rocked in her seat, glad things had gotten cleared up between them. Although she still had no idea how they would make their long-distance relationship work, she decided to go with the flow and take it one day at a time.

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