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She leaned up to take him deeper, and he used his tongue to taste every crevice of her mouth. She moaned and reached up to pull him even closer.

Her soft moans sent fire through his veins. He didn’t know how long they stood there before he lifted and carried her to the nearest chair, sitting so she straddled his lap. His hands moved purposefully over her body, mapping her curves. He dragged his mouth away from hers, tilted her head back and charted a path with his tongue over the exposed column of her neck and the portion of her chest that was visible above her sundress. He groaned deep in his throat when she treated him to the same wanton caresses. Sliding his hands back up her arms, he reached for the dress’s thin straps.

Someone knocked at the door.

He groaned in frustration and leaned his forehead against hers. Standing with her in his arms, he turned and placed her on the chair and went to answer the door, stopping in the bedroom to grab a shirt and willing his body back to a state of calm.

Chapter 14

Janae leaned back in the chair with her eyes closed and hands fisted—heart pounding, breathing erratic, body pulsing—trying to gain some measure of control. Her limited sexual experience had not prepared her for these types of sensations. While lying in the tub, her mind had automatically wandered to him and how much fun they seemed to have together, no matter what they were doing. Hearing him in the shower had her remembering his bare, muscular chest and wondering what the rest of his body looked like—especially with the water streaming down over it. Now he had her body in such a state, she was tempted to tell him to forget about dinner, the party...everything, and finish what he’d started.

She heard voices and dishes being placed in the dining room, but didn’t move from her position. A few minutes later, strong arms lifted her and she came to rest against Terrence’s chest. Opening her eyes, she met his gaze. He held hers intently and then placed a soft, lingering kiss against her lips. Draping her arms loosely around his neck, she leaned against his shoulder as he carried her over to the table, then placed her in a chair. Neither spoke for several minutes while they slowly ate. The sexual tension was so thick it wouldn’t take much to push them over the edge.

Janae took a sip of her iced tea. “How long will the party last?”

“Usually a couple of hours, but some people tend to hang around awhile longer. Why?”

“Just curious. How long have you been working with the group?”

“Two years. Kaleidoscope was signed to another label for four years before joining us.”

“How many CDs do they have?”

“One with the previous label. Tonight’s release will be their second with us.”

“What type of music do they play?”

“It’s categorized as jazz, but is probably more like jazzy R & B.”

“I can’t wait to hear them.”

They finished eating in silence, and then Terrence left to get dressed. Janae went back outside to the balcony. She leaned against the railing and studied the Beverly Hills view in the fading sunlight. From their floor, she could see buildings for miles. As she stood there, nervousness took hold again. Not one for a lot of attention, she must have been out of her mind to accept an invitation to be seen with one of the most popular music artists and producers in the country.

“Yeah, that was really smart,” she mumbled under her breath.

The door opened behind her, and Terrence stepped out. Her mouth ran dry. Wearing a pair of charcoal-gray trousers and white silk T that molded to his massive chest, he was a chocolate fantasy personified—a rich, decadent, sinful fantasy.

“Hey. You look really good. Are you getting ready to leave?”

“Yeah.” He hesitated. “I have something for you.”

She arched an eyebrow, and he smiled.

“Humor me.” He gestured her inside.

She walked warily through the door with him following. On a side table sat a wrapped, long jeweler’s box, which he handed to her. Taking a seat in the closest chair, she carefully unwrapped and opened it. A small gasp escaped when she saw the diamond charm bracelet nestled inside. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “But you didn’t need to buy me anything.”

Easing the box from her hands, he removed the bracelet then set the box on the table. “I know, but I wanted to.” He lifted her arm and fastened the bracelet around her wrist. “I chose the schoolhouse because you are an incredible teacher, the palette and brush because you’re an amazing and gifted artist, and the angel because you are the most beautiful and giving person I know.”

His heartfelt words brought tears to her eyes. “I don’t know what to say. I... Thank you.” Rising from the chair, she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tight, repeating her thanks.

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