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“I am. I’ll have a new project coming out hopefully at the start of fall.” Terrence laughed as a few screams came from the audience. “I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“If you’re singing, I know I’ll enjoy it,” a woman called from the audience.

Clapping and more shouts combined with “amen” and “I know that’s right” sounded through the audience.

Gayle smiled. “Well, I guess there are a few people looking forward to your new project.”

“I’ll try not to disappoint you all.”

“You’ve been in the business for nearly a decade making your own music, as well as writing for and with other musicians. How do you keep coming up with meaningful lyrics?”

Terrence thought for a minute. “Most of them come from life experiences. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented musicians, who’ve helped me grow, as well. I’ve been blessed to do what I love.”

“And it shows, Monte. We appreciate your dedication to keeping good music alive. Now, I always like to ask artists I interview this question. If you weren’t in the music business, what would you be doing?”

“I need to think about that a minute. Hmm, I think I probably would have pursued a career in sports...maybe basketball.”

“When did you play, and what position?”

“High school and my first two years of college as a guard. Then I focused solely on music.”

“That would have been a sight to see.” Gayle stood. “We’ll take a few questions from the audience.” She walked across the room and placed the microphone in front of a woman who had her hand up.

“Hi, Monte. My name is Cherelle. I’d like to know how you come up with your songs.”

“Hi, Cherelle. Most times, I have melodies or phrases playing around in my head, and I build from there. Sometimes the lyrics and music come quickly, and I finish a song in an hour or two. Other times, it may take a week or more.”

Gayle moved to another area.

“Hey, Monte. I’m Jackie. We know you sing and play piano. Do you play any other instruments, and did you study music in school?”

“Hi, Jackie. I also play percussion, bass and guitar. I do okay on the saxophone.”

“A man who does it all,” Gayle said.

“I wouldn’t say that. To answer the rest of your question, I did study music in college.”

“Smart, sexy and can sing,” a woman commented from the audience, followed by laughter.

After several more questions, Gayle announced, “We’ll take one more question.” She walked quickly to the back of the room.

“What’s up, man? My name is Reggie. I want to know what keeps you in the business with all of the changes and trends in the music industry.”

“How’s it going, Reggie? Let’s see...what keeps me in the business? I’d have to say it’s because I love what I’m doing. Money drives the business, and nowadays, an artist often has to do more with less. You have to be committed to your craft. I’m fortunate to be working under my own label now, which gives me a little more freedom. It also gives me an opportunity to do venues like this, where I can connect with you on a more personal level.”

“And we appreciate it,” Gayle said. “I think that about wraps it up. I do have one more question, however. Monte, you write the most beautiful love songs. Is there a special lady in your life who gives you inspiration?”

“Sorry. There’s no one.”

Several women yelled out comments.

“I’ll give you inspiration.”

“You taking applications?”

“You need some inspiration?”

Gayle laughed. “As you can see, there is no shortage of women who’d be happy to help you out.”

“I’m flattered. But right now, my schedule doesn’t allow much time to pursue a relationship.”

“All right. Let’s give it up for Monte. Thank you for spending this time with us. We look forward to the new project.”

“It was my pleasure. Thank you again for inviting me, Gayle.”

The audience broke out in applause and whistles. He stayed around awhile longer to chat and take pictures.

By the time he left, Terrence was exhausted. He’d done the two concerts, this mini gathering and had an interview in the morning.

“Nice show,” Donovan said once they were settled in the car.

Leaning against the headrest with his eyes closed, Terrence said, “Thanks.”

“I was wondering one thing, though.”

“What’s that?”

“If you don’t have time to pursue a relationship, what are you doing with Janae?”

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