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“I always try to put everything into my music.”

“Nah, see, that’s not what it is this time.”

Terrence folded his arms across his chest. “Really? Well, why don’t you enlighten me?”

“I’ll be happy to.” Donovan grinned. “This time, you’re in love.” He spun on his heels and sauntered off.

Love? Definitely not. His jaw tightened.

So if you aren’t in love, why were you thinking of Janae with every word you sang?

“I’m not in love,” he grumbled to himself, and stalked toward the lobby.

Terrence leaned on a column in the bar area and stared up at the TV screen, unseeing. He stuck his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about Janae? She stayed with him every waking moment and starred in his dreams at night.

He pulled out his cell phone and turned it on. He had two messages. The first was from his grandfather, wondering if he’d made it safely. The second was a text message from Janae stating she would accept his invitation. He called his grandparents first and got their answering machine.

“Hey, Grandma and Grandpa. We made it safe.”

His grandmother picked up the line. “Wait a minute. Don’t hang up, baby.”

“Hi, beautiful.”

She giggled. “How are you, sweetheart? Your grandfather and I were coming in from the pool.”

“I’m good. We just finished rehearsing.”

“Did you eat?” she asked.

Terrence shook his head, not surprised by the question. “We’re going as soon as everything is secured.”

“You make sure you eat and get some rest tonight. I know you’re going to be running for the next several days.”

“I will. I promise.” He smiled, even though she couldn’t see him. Terrence had no idea how he would have gotten through life without them.

“Your grandfather says hello. When are you coming home?”

“Tell him hello, and I’ll hopefully be home next Tuesday evening, but Wednesday at the latest.” He looked up to see the group beckoning him. “I have to go, but I’ll try to call you guys on Sunday. I love you both.”

“We love you, too, angel. Bye and be safe.”

Terrence met the band in the lobby.

“You ready to roll?” Donovan asked.

“In a minute. I need to make a quick phone call.” He ignored Donovan’s knowing smile. “I’ll meet you guys in the parking lot in a few minutes.”

Terrence waited until they left to make the next call. He had no desire to listen to Donovan’s teasing tonight. He had enough on his mind with trying to reconcile his feelings for Janae.

Chapter 12

“Hey, baby,” Terrence said in response to Janae’s greeting.

“Hi, Terrence. How are you?”

Better now that I’m talking to you. “Good. And you?”

“I’m okay.”

“Got your text. I’m glad you’ll be joining me.”

“What’re you doing?”

“We just finished rehearsal and are getting ready to go eat.”

“Isn’t it a little late for dinner?”

“It’s not even eight yet. I’ll probably get something light, though. What are you doing?”

“I’m painting.”

“What are you working on?”

“The moon rising over the mountains at sunset. I saw it when I visited my parents in New Mexico.”

“Are you painting from a picture you took?”

“No. I’m painting it from memory.”

“Are you serious? How long ago was your visit?”

“Almost a year ago.”

“And you can still remember what it looks like?”

“I can close my eyes and see it as clearly as if I was standing there.”

Just as I can see you when I close my eyes. Your beautiful smile. That curvy body. Oh, and those sexy lips that call to me. He tried to rid his mind of the visions. “I’d love to see it sometime. I wanted to let you know I got the text. The band is waiting for me, so I’ll call you early next week with your flight information.”

“Okay. Knock ’em dead this weekend. Talk to you later.”

Terrence laughed. “I’ll do my best.”

Now, if he could only focus long enough to get through both concerts and interviews.

* * *

“Let’s give Monte another round of applause,” radio host Gayle Sanders said to the studio audience as the music faded. “We thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sing a few songs and answer our questions.” She gestured him to one of the chairs.

“Thanks for inviting me.”

“You’ve been a busy man lately. Are you working on anything new?”

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