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“I wanted to check on you.”

She let out a frustrated breath. “I’m fine, Dev. I promise.”

“Okay, baby girl, if you say so. By the way, that check still hasn’t cleared. Do I need to come over there?”

“I’ll deposit it tomorrow,” she mumbled. “Can I go now?”

Devin laughed. “I love you, sis.”

“I know. I love you, too. Good night.” She dropped the cordless in the base, then trudged down the hallway to her bedroom.

Lying in a tub filled with bubbles, Janae leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Terrence’s handsome face drifted through her mind. And those sexy, full lips framed by that neatly barbered goatee... Man, what those lips did to hers. She couldn’t help but fantasize about his lips all over her body. The thought was so vivid, she could actually feel its touch. Her breathing increased, her breasts tingled and the space between her legs throbbed. Her eyes snapped open. She sat up so quickly, water splashed over the side of the tub.

“Oh, my goodness. What is happening to me?” She quickly washed up with shaky hands and stepped out. No man had ever elicited these types of feelings within her before. Not until Terrence.

Chapter 11

Terrence leaned his head back against the airplane seat and closed his eyes. It was becoming harder and harder to stay away from Janae. What am I doing? He’d never had a problem controlling his emotions when it came to women. But, like he said before, it was as if this petite schoolteacher had bewitched him. And what possessed him to ask her to accompany him to the release party? He’d never taken any woman to any function, for publicity or otherwise.

Their verbal play at dinner, coupled with the remembrance of her soft moans while eating that cake, still had him aroused and wondering how that chocolate would have tasted on her skin. He didn’t think he’d ever get enough of kissing her. Another problem. Yeah, he needed to be away from her for a while. Maybe by the time he came back, he’d have his head on straight.

“Excuse me, sir. Would you like something to drink?”

He opened his eyes to see the flight attendant leaning a little too close with a wide, flirty smile. “No. Thanks.” He reclosed his eyes, hoping she would get the hint. She was the third woman who’d flirted with him since arriving at the airport, and he’d ignored them all. The only woman occupying his mind was a sweet, sexy angel he should be trying like hell to stay away from. His cell vibrated in his pocket, reminding him that he hadn’t turned it off. He read a text from Donovan to call. He took a quick glance at his watch, seeing he had some time before takeoff.

Donovan answered on the first ring. “Hey, T.”

“What’s up?”

“Are you back yet?”

“The plane will be leaving in a few minutes. I should get in around eleven.”

“Do you need me to pick you up?”

“No. My car is in the lot. Is everything all ready for tomorrow?”

“Yeah. So, how’re things with you and Janae?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Man, at the rate you’re going, you should start buying stock in the airlines. You know exactly what I mean. You’re already half in love with the girl.”

“I’m not in love with anybody,” he retorted. “I just like spending time with her.”

Donovan laughed. “Whatever you say. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Terrence disconnected and powered off the phone. Love? Him? Not hardly. That was the one thing he couldn’t allow.

* * *

Seated on his friend’s deck in Dallas, Terrence couldn’t keep his mind from wandering to the woman who’d invaded his dreams for the past few nights. Dreams so erotic, he’d had a difficult time convincing himself they weren’t real. He’d gone to bed with a hard-on, awakened in the same state, and had taken so many cold showers, it was a wonder he hadn’t contracted pneumonia.

Janae hadn’t called to tell him whether she’d accompany him to the party. If she agreed to go, Terrence knew he would have a hard time keeping his hands to himself, especially since they would share a suite. He’d reveled in the feel of her hands moving slowly over his chest, and closed his eyes—the smoothness of her skin gliding against his, the heat of her touch.

“Hey, Monte. You all right, man?”

His eyes popped open. “I’m good. You ready to work?” He sat up straighter in the chair.

Michael dropped a folder in front of him and took a seat. “Did you get a chance to hear the music yet?”

“Only once. What’s the title of the song?”

“‘Your Touch.’”

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