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The serious set of his features gave her pause. Please, please don’t let me fall in love with this man. “Please. You’ve met millions of women, and I’m sure lots of them were more amazing than me.”

He shook his head. “No. Not one.” Lifting her chin, he kissed her softly.

Her body trembled, and Janae tried to compose herself.

Terrence hugged her closer. “Are you ready to head over to the restaurant?” He stood, extended his hand and pulled her into his arms. “One more,” he whispered, lowering his head.

* * *

On the drive, Janae got so lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize he’d stopped the car until he stood with her door open.

“Janae? Are you okay?”

She accepted his hand, slipped into the jacket he held and smiled up at him. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

The hostess led them to a small booth and provided them with menus. A server appeared to take their drink order.

“What looks good?” he asked.

“Everything,” she answered. “But I’m thinking of the jumbo crab cakes. What about you?”

“The rib eye steak. Would you be okay sharing a couple of the sides? They’re usually large enough for two.”

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll let you choose.”

“Okay. How about a baked potato with the works and the grilled asparagus?”

“Those were the two I thought about.” He smiled. “Do you want an appetizer or something to start?”

“If I do that, I won’t have room for my food. I’ll wait.” They didn’t have to wait long for the food, and Janae’s stomach growled as the server placed the plate in front of her.

“I guess someone’s hungry,” Terrence said with a chuckle.

“I didn’t eat much at lunch because I knew I was going out.”

“Well, let’s bless this food so you can eat.” Taking her hand, he recited a short blessing.

“Aw, your grandmother would be so proud.”


“You blessing your food without her standing over you.”

“Hush, girl. I see you still do it, too.”

“Always. Although I do have to remind my brothers sometimes, since they lose their minds when I cook for them.” She cut into a crab cake.

“You cook that well, huh? Well, maybe you’ll take pity on me and prepare something for me.”

“I don’t know about cooking all that well, but I owe you, since you cooked for me.”

They continued to converse softly while eating.

Terrence set his fork on the plate when he was done. “Are you up for some dessert?”

“Dessert? I don’t know. I’m not sure I could eat another bite.”

“Come on,” he cajoled. “We can share if you like.”

“Oh, okay.” She pointed at him. “If I gain weight, I’m coming after you.”

“I’m sure one little shared dessert won’t hurt.”

“How do you stay so fit, eating like this and being on the road so much?”

“Believe it or not, I don’t eat like this often. I typically eat more fish, chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, and I try to work out at least four times a week.”

“Well, it shows,” she said without thinking, remembering him shirtless. Her face heated.

“Thank you. I’m glad you like what you see.” He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, laughing softly. “I’ll let you in on a little secret,” he whispered.

She was almost afraid to ask. “What?”

“When I look at you, I really, really like what I see.” Leaning closer, he lowered his voice even more. “And I want to see more...so much more.”

Janae could barely breathe. She clasped her hands together in her lap to try to stop the shaking. I am in so much trouble, she wailed inwardly.

He picked up the dessert menu. “So, what should we have for dessert?” He asked the question so innocently.

“Um...why don’t you choose?”

“Do you like chocolate?”

She nodded.

“How about the hot chocolate cake?”

“That’s fine. I need to go to the ladies’ room.” She needed a minute to get herself together. He stood and pulled her chair back. She gave him a small smile. “Thanks. I’ll be right back.”

Once in the bathroom, she walked over to the sink, wet a napkin, then dabbed it on her face. Every nerve in her body was on fire. She’d never felt these sensations before—not like she had a lot of experience with men and sex. Okay, hardly any. She hadn’t felt anything like this those couple of times she’d been with Carter and Lawrence. If she were honest, she hadn’t felt much of anything at all. But this man elicited feelings deep inside without even touching her. And don’t get me started on his kisses.

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