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I grab my purse and glance toward the back of the shop, where I notice John working. He studies me for a second and then nods at my bag.

“Heading out, ma’am?” he asks.

“Yep. Got a delivery.” He gives me a polite smile and pulls his phone out. “See you later,” I tell him, heading toward the front.

I look at the address and see it’s right next to the coffee shop. Heck, it might be the same building. I could walk it. I pick up the flowers and change my mind. It will be a quick taxi ride, but the walk might kill my arms, so I decide on riding.

When I get to the building I hop out of the taxi and head inside. I stop at the front desk, thinking I could leave the flowers there, but curiosity gets the best of me.

“Who are you here for?” the guard asks.

“B. Heart. A delivery,” I tell him.

“Your name?”

“Dove Rosetta from Love at First Sight Flowers.”

He type something into the computer then looks back up at me. “Top floor, ma’am.” He points toward the elevators.

“Thanks.” I head in that direction, thinking that maybe I can run to the lingerie store down the street and get something sexy to wear after I drop these off. All my panties are simple and plain.

I push my glasses up my nose as I exit the elevator. I glance around and see two desks, but no one is at either of them. I walk farther down the hallway and stop when I hear a voice. I glance at the door and see the name Heart engraved on it.

“I didn’t know you liked them young. Like father like son,” I hear a man say. I pause right before I’m about to knock on the door.

“Dad. Really, it’s—” My whole body freezes. I know that voice.

“Just make sure you get a prenup,” the other man interrupts.

“I don’t need one,” Beau growls, and he sounds pissed. Then it hits me.

B. Heart is Beau Heart. Beau’s last name is Heart. I don’t know why I hadn’t ever thought to ask him his last name. Then it hits me again. This is the man who’s been sending flowers out to random women all over town. My heart pounds and blood rushes to my ears. Anger and sadness hit me hard. I’m such an idiot.

Like a robot, I step forward and pull open the door.

“That’s right. You don’t do marriage. It’s for morons and love isn’t real.” The man talking is sitting in a chair in front of Beau’s desk. He’s in a suit and his hair is gray, but I can’t focus on him. My eyes go to Beau, who’s looking down at his phone.

“Dad,” Beau snaps, his head coming up. Then his eyes dart to me. “Dove?” He stands up and takes a step toward me.

I hate how handsome he looks. It’s then I notice my hands are shaking. I try to tighten my grip on the vase, but my hands are sweating and they slip. The crystal vase drops to the ground, hitting the tile floor and smashing into thousands of pieces. I turn around and run just as the tears start to fall. I have to get away from Beau.

I hear him yell my name as the elevator opens. An older woman steps off with a younger woman following her. I jump on and hit the lobby button over and over again. I see Beau come flying out of his office and our eyes lock. I feel the tears on my cheeks as the doors close between us.

I let myself fall back against the elevator wall, knowing that I’ll never get over the heartbreak of losing Beau. Maybe my parents were right. I was naïve to the world. Even with the heartbreak, I know I’ll cherish last night forever. I’d never felt so loved. I don’t understand how it wasn’t as real to Beau as it was to me. I thought he was the one.

As soon as the doors open, I rush from the elevator and run into someone. I stop and look up to see it’s John. He grabs my shoulders, stopping me from falling on my ass, and quickly lets me go like I burned him.

“John?” I ask, wondering why he’s here.

“Ma’am,” is all he says. I stand there shocked for a moment before realizing I need to get out of here. Beau looked like he was chasing me when he came running out of his office.

“Excuse me,” I mutter, going around him.

He calls my name, but I ignore him, slipping from the building out onto the sidewalk. I take out my phone, clearing the missed calls from Beau and pulling up a browser. I go down the stairs to the subway and jump on the first one. The doors close instantly and I don’t care where it’s going, I just need to get away for a moment. I’m worried Beau might catch up to me and I just need to be alone.

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