The Necromancer’s Bride - Page 14

It doesn’t feel easy. I’m too small and Filax is too big. I turn my face away and bury it in Meremon’s shoulder. “He’s too much. I can’t. Make him stop.”

“Shh, don’t be frightened. He’s perfect, deliciae. It is tight at first but he will feel just right very soon.”

I feel like I’m going to be split open as Filax starts thrusting slowly into me. Then I see him position himself to drive himself deeper and I gasp, “No more, please.”

Meremon rubs my pearl again and the intense pleasure and over-fullness fight each other. Then something magical happens and they merge into one powerful sensation. Heat floods my skin and the necromancer feels it and moans softly. “Is it good, my Rhona? Do you like the way he fills you?”

I watch them both, mouth open and panting, as they surround me with their cold and corpselike flesh. Why won’t Meremon take me like this himself? Perhaps he likes to witness rather than be part of it. I turn my head to look at his face and his silver eyes are alight with desire. He kisses my mouth hungrily, still stimulating the place between my legs.

“Tell me Rhona. Is it good?”

“Yes,” I whisper, breathing hard. Each firm stroke of Filax’s length is pushing me higher now. I look up at the lich, studying his body. His grayish flesh is familiar and I have the sense again that he’s been created somehow in Meremon’s image, and that makes him beautiful to me, even if he is monstrous. I can feel myself approaching my peak, but then Meremon takes his fingers away and I cry out in dismay.

“You can reach your climax without my help. I know you can.”

Just from Filax’s thrusts? I don’t know. He does feel good now, his slippery length filling me with warmth and pleasure with every stroke. “It feels good. But I can’t…I’m not…”

Meremon rubs my pearl again and the feeling escalates, but then he stops again. I moan with need. “Meremon, please.”

One slow stroke of his finger. Then another. He’s coaxing what he wants from me slowly and carefully. The spaces between touches of his finger get longer and longer but the sensation keeps growing. “Are you going to climax for me, deliciae?” he whispers in my ear, and I nod, because now the momentum is strong and has concentrated where Filax is thrusting.

“That’s it. Good girl.”

I cry out roughly as the sensation overtakes me, and Filax pounds into me, harder now, and deeper, driving my peak onwards and onwards. Meremon strokes my nub in firm circles and they’re both making me feel so good I sob out their names, begging for mercy, begging them not to stop. It’s more than I ever thought I could feel.

Finally the tension leaves my body and my head falls back against Meremon’s shoulder, and the enchantment lifts. Filax withdraws and brushes his knuckles against my hot cheek, a sweet gesture so like Meremon’s, and then departs quietly.

I enjoyed the feel of Filax’s hard length so much and I want Meremon to feel as good as he made me feel. I put my hand behind me to feel between Meremon’s legs but find that his member is soft.

I pull my hand away quickly, confused. I thought that what we did aroused him and yet he doesn’t seem to be so.

Meremon doesn’t say anything. When I dare look up at him I see he’s frowning hard, a deep line between his brows.

“Do you not want me?” I ask hesitantly.

He draws my left hand up to his lips and kisses me tenderly, but his eyes are sad. “More than anything, but I can’t have you. I have the desires of a man but I cannot act on them.”

“Because that is what happens when you’re…?” I was going to say when you’re old but that sounds rude, and I still haven’t worked out how old he is. In a way he seems timeless.

Even though he’s miserable he manages a short laugh. “If I was a thousand years old do you think that would stop me from taking my bride to bed? No, I am cursed. A demon loved me a long time ago and I didn’t return her love. And so she punished me.”

I turn toward him and wrap my arms around his neck, perplexed. What a terrible thing to have happened. So that’s why he’s so cold and his heart beats so slowly. He’s cursed. The demon can’t truly have loved him if she took away something so important to him. I don’t know much about that but it doesn’t sound like love to me.

He kisses me softly. “But her curse doesn’t stop me from cherishing you. My heart will make yours happy and no demon or spirit or even a god can stop me from doing that.”