The Necromancer’s Bride - Page 13

But until then, who’s to know what happens all the way up here in the mountains? As if he knows the direction my thoughts have taken Meremon smiles against my throat.

There is a shuffling sound and I look up and see Filax’s blank gaze directed at us as Meremon keeps loosening my clothing. “Send him away, Meremon.”

“No, we need him for this.”

My eyes open wide. “We need Filax?”

As I watch the lich’s flesh begins to shift and between his legs the parts of a man form, a thick penis with a ridged head and two fleshy balls. He’s erect and takes himself in his hand, rubbing his length with a hand that looks, I notice for the first time, a lot like Meremon’s.

“Yes, we do. Or rather you do.”

I realize what he means and try to pull myself out of Meremon’s arms. “You can’t, Filax is dead—”

“If you keep struggling I will have to cast a spell on you.”

“No, listen, that’s—”


It’s as if a warm blanket has been dropped over me and I sag in Meremon’s arms. He carries me in his arms over to a sofa at the side of the room and sits down with me in his lap. His spell dampens my movements but not my anxiety. I watch the lich come toward me and moan in fear. We shouldn’t be doing this. Why can’t Meremon ever do anything in the normal way? It’s as if he’s testing how far he can push me into depravity. Or maybe he just never learned what normal is.

“You will enjoy this, my Rhona,” Meremon says, and his eyes are bright with affection and eagerness. He turns me in his arms and places my back against his chest, and he and Filax work together to undress me, stroking my body with two sets of cold hands.

“Can you not understand how wrong this is?” I stare in horror as Filax pulls my drawers down my legs and I’m left naked before them both.

“Filax has no consciousness that isn’t mine. When he touches you it is me touching you.”

I watch them helplessly as they touch me, tears trickling down my cheeks. Even though he has no eyes Filax seems to notice and he lifts my left palm to where his mouth should be, in the manner of a kiss.

The gesture, so familiar now, makes my heart turn over. “It is you,” I whisper, a smile touching my lips through my tears.

Meremon presses his lips to my throat. “You believe me at last. I almost think you would lie still in my arms while Filax penetrates you.”

Be a willing participant. Not cry or turn my face away or try to cover myself. If it is truly just Meremon in two bodies maybe it’s not so wrong to let this happen.

I want him. I feel most alive when I’m being touched by cold, dead hands.

“I will try. Lift the enchantment, please.”

Meremon opens my legs and places my feet on his thighs, exposing me to Filax. He strokes his fingers through my folds which have grown slick and hot as he’s whispered in my ear. “I don’t want to. I like your body like this. Living flesh, warm and sweet, and yet still as stone.”

“Like a corpse?”

“Yes. It’s very beautiful to me, having you like this.” He rubs the nub between my legs, firm and fast, and I gasp for breath. Filax’s fingers dip a little into my opening and I close my eyes, enjoying their touch. But then Filax withdraws.

“Not there,” Meremon explains. “I still have hope that one day I might have you myself.”

Meremon reaches out for the jar of slime and it sails across the room toward him. He dips his fingers into it and applies the slime to my sex, and then lower, pressing against the pucker of my ass. One of his fingers penetrates the tight ring and sinks slowly into me, and I whimper at the strange sensation.

Meremon nuzzles my ear and his breath is cool against my hot cheek. “How sweet you are. How I love to feel you give up your secrets to me. This is a magic like nothing else. You are magic, my Rhona.”

It doesn’t feel bad as he fingers me there. In fact, it feels good and I wish that one of them might touch that sensitive place that makes my whole body shatter at the same time. I’m trying to work up the courage to ask for it when Filax takes hold of my hips and Meremon withdraws his hand. The lich’s thickness replaces him, and the slipperiness of the slime allows him slow entrance. He’s so much thicker than Meremon’s finger, though, and his invasion is too strange to be pleasurable. I breathe fast and squeeze my eyes shut against the sharp pain.

“You would be so tense if it were not for my enchantment. But look how relaxed you are. How easy this is.”