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“Still in surgery,” said Brandy.

Amber didn’t like the look on the woman’s face. All the way here, she’d been telling herself it was going to be fine. Jade was going to be fine. The baby was going to be fine.

Amber swallowed. “How bad?”

Brandy came around the end of the counter. “She had a seizure.”

Amber felt her knees go weak.

Brandy took her arm. “Let’s sit down.”

“Is she...” Amber couldn’t bring herself to ask the question. “What about the baby?”

“They’re doing everything they can.” Brandy led her toward a sitting area in a small alcove.

“I don’t like the sound of that.” It was not at all reassuring.

Brandy sat next to her on a narrow vinyl sofa. “The baby is very close to term.”

“So she has a fighting chance.”

“Very much so,” said Brandy.

“And all I can do is wait.”

“I know it’s hard.”

Amber nodded. She was sitting here wondering if her sister and her niece were going to live or die.

“Can I get you something?” asked Brandy. “There’s coffee in the corner or water?”

“I’m fine.”

“Would you like to freshen up?”

Amber glanced down at her dress and realized how she must look. She hadn’t removed her makeup before tumbling into bed with Tuck. It was probably smeared under her eyes. Her hair had to be a fright.

“That bad?” she asked the nurse.

Brandy gave her a smile. “You’ll be able to see Jade once she wakes up, not to mention hold the baby. You don’t want to scare them.”

“Yes,” said Amber. “Let’s think positively.”

A woman in scrubs came through a set of double doors.

Brandy took Amber’s hand and Amber’s heart sank through the floor.

They rose together.

“Dr. Foster, this is Jade’s sister, Amber,” said Brandy.

“Jade is weak,” the doctor said without preamble. “We had to restart her heart.”

Amber’s legs nearly gave way.

“She’s in recovery,” said Dr. Foster. “Her vital signs have stabilized and her blood pressure is under control.”

“She’ll be all right?” Amber felt the need to confirm.

“We expect her to make a full recovery.”

“And the baby?”

The doctor smiled. “The baby is healthy. A girl.”

“I have a niece?”

“She’s in the nursery. You can see her if you want.”

Amber gave a rapid nod, her eyes tearing up. Worry rose up from her shoulders and she felt instantly light.


As soon as Amber had left the mansion, Tuck realized he’d been a total jerk. Her sister was having emergency surgery. What did it matter if he and Amber’s relationship was up in the air? They could talk about it tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that.

She’d made love with him. Then she’d spent the night with him. He’d reveled in holding her naked in his arms, joking and laughing with her. He’d looked forward to breakfast together, mentally filing away another image of her in his family home.

Instead, he’d showered and changed, stopped to pick her up some coffee and a bagel and made his way to the hospital. She had to be exhausted, and distressed, and he was determined to make up for his behavior. She needed his support right now. She didn’t need him arguing with her.

It took some time to locate the maternity wing. But once there, he was told visiting hours didn’t start until seven and he had to wait in the lobby. He gave in and drank both cups of lukewarm coffee, finally getting on the elevator with the blueberry bagels for Amber.

As he approached the room, he could hear her voice. It was melodic and soothing.

“She’s incredible,” she was saying.

“Isn’t she?” Jade responded, her voice sounding slightly weak.

Tuck paused to brace his hand on the wall, relief rushing through him. He hadn’t realized he’d been that worried.

“Thank you,” said Jade. “For being here. For helping us.”

“Don’t be silly,” Amber responded. “Of course I’m here, and of course I’m helping.”

“You always do.”

“She has your eyes,” said Amber.

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