Bitten by the King (Virgin Blood 4) - Page 17

After tasting her blood I’m connected to her in ways I never thought possible. This is what all the books I’ve studied for so long talk about, but I never knew it could be this way. Her thoughts are my own and I wonder what it will be like when she tastes mine.

“Now it’s your turn, love,” I say as I bring my wrist to my mouth and pierce my skin with my teeth.

Her eyes grow wide with surprise, but again there’s no fear. She’s curious and hungry. When I hold it out for her, she leans down and places her lips on me without hesitation, and that’s when I grab my cock and hold it steady while she raises her hips and lowers onto it.

Her violet eyes lock with mine. I feel her taste me at the same time my cock slides slowly into her pussy. She’s sucking me as my cock sinks deeper and I can’t look away. It’s the single greatest moment of my life and instantly I feel our connection wrap around us like a solid wall protecting us from the outside world. The only thing that matters right now is the two of us in this room and nothing can take that away.

“Fuck,” I say through clenched teeth as she seats herself on my cock and holds me deep inside of her. I don’t know how her body was able to take every inch, but the magic that binds us together must be what makes it possible.

She’s so much smaller than I am, but somehow, we are one.

I touch her cheek as I pull my wrist away and then bring it to my mouth to seal the cut. There’s a small trace of blood on her bottom lip and I lean forward, taking her face with both hands and kissing her deeply. Her bare breasts press against my chest and her hard peaks tease me. The kiss is overwhelming as I taste myself on her tongue and feel our connection open completely for the first time. I can hear her thoughts and feel what she does and I can hear her desires. I break the kiss and move my mouth to her nipples, because she wonders what it would be like to have them in my mouth.

Her hips rock as I think about how good it would feel to have her move on me, and together we give each other what we want.

“Bishop,” she whispers, and I lean back to look at her. Her violet eyes are dark now and I can sense how good my cock feels inside her. “Is it always like this?” she asks as she rocks her hips back and forth.

“I don’t know. I only know what it’s like making love with you.” I rub my hands down her back and then grab her ass. “But I imagine this connection right now only happens with true mates. With people who love each other.”

Her hips falter and I grab her around the waist and stand up before I lay her back down on the small couch. Her ass is at the edge and I’m hovering over her as I fuck her harder and deeper.

“We have all the time in the world to define what it is you feel right now, but for me, this is undeniable love. Love that I’ve searched for since the day I was made. Even before you were born I was searching for you. This is real and true, Loren, and I’m going to protect it with my life.”

She reaches out and grabs my chest as she moans and clenches around me. Her breathing is heavy and her body is soft while she lies back and lets me have her. I place my hand on her belly and look into her eyes.

“I’m going to make you a mother,” I say, letting my cock slide deeper inside her. “You’ve been alone for far too long. It’s time you were bred and given what your heart desires.” I lean down to suck on her nipple and she cries out. “I can read all your thoughts at once and you can read mine, too. I know that deep down you’re hoping to get pregnant so that you can have a little baby.”

“Oh god, Bishop,” she breathes while her pussy squeezes me. My dirty words are only the truth and I’m making a promise I intend to keep.

“If a baby is what you want, then that’s what you’ll get,” I say, rubbing her clit with my thumb and feeling her body tighten. “All I want is to love you until the end of eternity.”

She cries out as her climax hits, and I can no longer hold back. I sink deep into her one last time and feel my cock erupt inside of her. Waves of pleasure wash over me, and it’s twice as many because I feel hers, too. The connection allows the both of us to share in the release and I hold her close as it runs over us.

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