Bitten by the King (Virgin Blood 4) - Page 12

I ease into the hallway and wait for a group of men with guns to pass by me. As long as I take my time and stay calm I’ll be fine. I got dizzy a few times on the way in and I know my family was close by watching, no matter how many times I told them to stay away.

As I push away from the wall, I wait for the next explosion to go off, but it doesn’t. They might be waiting to trigger another one to use when I escape. I will make it out of here alive and with Loren. I’ll do everything I can to save her and keep that monster away from her and my family.

I take a few steps down the hallway and I freeze when I hear something coming. I don’t have the time or the energy to run and hide so I stand there as the person comes around the corner and faces me full on.

My throat tightens when I see the young woman standing there. She’s wearing a white dress with blood on it and her red hair is around her face. She looks up from the ground when she sees me and her violet eyes collide with mine.

“It’s you,” I say, barely above a whisper, as I stare into the face of the woman I’ve been dreaming of.

“Bishop?” she says, and though she looks at me like she’s surprised to see me standing here, she’s not running away.

“You have to come with me,” I say as I hold out my hand.

She looks at it for a long moment before she takes a few steps towards me. When we’re only a few feet apart her scent surrounds me and all that I thought was lost is brought to life. She smells like cinnamon and fresh apples and it makes my mouth water. My back straightens and my muscles flex. It’s like I’m being recharged with every breath of her I take into my lungs.

“I’m scared,” she confesses as she looks into my eyes.

I can see the fear there and all the questions around them. I have to make sure she’s safe, and right now I feel like I could throw her over my shoulder and plow through the concrete wall beside me.

“If you come with me, I swear on my honor and on my life that no harm will come to you.” I flex my open hand and she only hesitates for a second before placing hers in mine. “Trust me.”

As I say the words I pull her into my arms and run as fast as I can down the hall and to the back entrance that I came in. There are bound to be guards there, but it’s the quickest exit and time is not on our side.

The feeling pumping through my body right now is nothing like I’ve ever felt. I want to protect her and hold her close and possess every inch of her. I want to taste her body and make her laugh and I want to give her everything her heart desires. Is this what it means to become a mate? This overwhelming desire to fuck and to dominate all while being generous with everything inside of me? It’s like I’ve been handed a precious angel and it’s now my duty to make sure no one harms her or breaks her spirit for as long as she lives.

“Where are we going?” she asks as she tucks in close to me.

“I’m taking you home.” Something settles in my chest and it’s like I’m alive for the first time in two hundred years.

“They’ll try and stop us.”

I’m surprised she isn’t putting up a protest, but maybe she feels the pull to me as well.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you or get in my way.”

Just as the words are out of my mouth a man steps out, blocking the door I was about to walk out of. He’s a big motherfucker, but he’s human. I may have not been able to fight him off moments ago, but I have my mate now and I’m no longer on death’s door.

“Greg, let us go,” Loren pleads, and I shake my head.

“You’ll beg no man, angel,” I say as I set her down on her feet and push her behind my body. I glare at the muscled man and raise my chin. “You can let us go or you can die trying to stop us.”

“You think you can take what already belongs to me?” he says and laughs.

I can sense the fear rolling off Loren as if it were a living thing. She’s afraid of him, and that means he needs to pay. “Try and touch her and I’ll break every bone in your body.” I clench my fists and plant my feet. “If you move out of the way and let us go I’ll let you live, your choice.”

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