Lick (Stage Dive 1) - Page 45

Sam opened the SUV door and offered me a hand. I could feel Martha’s eyes zero in on the way David slung an arm around me, keeping me close. Her face hardened to stone. The look she gave me was poison. Whatever her issues, I was too damn tired to deal with them.

“Martie,” Mal crowed, running up the steps to slip an arm around her waist. “Help me find breakfast, oh gorgeous one.”

“You know where the kitchen is, Mal.”

The curt dismissal didn’t stop Mal from sweeping her off with him. Martha’s first few steps faltered but then she strutted once more, ever on show. Mal had cleared the way. I could have kissed his feet.

David said nothing as we made our way up the stairs to the second floor, our footsteps echoing in the quiet. When I went to turn toward the white room, the one I’d stayed in last time, he steered me right instead. At a set of double doors we stopped and he fished a key out of his pocket. I gave him a curious look.

“So I have trust issues.” He unlocked the door.

Inside, the room was simple, lacking the antiques and flashy décor of the rest of the house. A huge bed made up with dark gray linens. A comfortable sofa to match. Lots of guitars. An open wardrobe, full of clothes. Mostly, there was empty space. Room for him to breathe, I think. This room felt different to the rest of the house, less showy, calmer.

“It’s okay, you can look around.” His hand slid down to the base of my spine, resting just above the curve of my ass. “It’s our room now,” he said.

God, I hoped he didn’t want to live here permanently. I mean, I did have school to go back to eventually. We hadn’t exactly gotten around to discussing where we’d live. But the thought of Martha, Jimmy and Adrian being around all the time sent me into a panic. Shit. I couldn’t afford to think like that. Negativity would swallow me whole. What was important was being with David. Sticking together and making it work.

How horrible, being forced to live in the lap of luxury with my wonderful husband. Poor me. I needed a good slap and a cup of coffee. Or twelve hours’ sleep. Either would work wonders.

He drew the curtains, blocking out the dawn’s early light. “You look beat. Come lie down with me?”

“That’s, umm … yeah, good idea. I’ll just use the bathroom.”

“Okay.” David started stripping, dumping his leather jacket on the lounge chair, pulling off his T-shirt. The normal hoorah of my hormones was sorely missing in action. Drowned out by the nerves. I fled into the bathroom, needing a minute to pull myself together. I closed the door and switched on the lights. The room blazed to life, blinding me. Spots flickered before my eyes. I stabbed switches at random until finally it dimmed to a soft glow. Much better.

A giant white tub that looked like a bowl, gray stone walls and clear glass partitions. Simply put, it was opulent. One day I’d probably become inured to all this, but I hoped not. Taking it for granted would be terrible.

A shower would soothe me. Sitting in the giant soup bowl would have been nice. But I didn’t totally trust myself to get into it without falling on my butt and breaking something. Not in the overtired, wound-up state I was in.

No, a long, hot shower would be perfect.

I stepped out of my flats and undid the zip on my jeans, getting undressed in record time. The shower could have fit me and ten close friends. Steaming hot water poured out from overhead and I stepped into it, grateful. It pounded down in the best way possible, making my muscles more pliable in minutes, relaxing me. I loved this shower. This shower and I needed to spend quality time together, often. Apart from David, and occasionally Mal, this shower was the best damn thing in the whole house.

David’s arms slipped around me from behind, drawing me back against him. I hadn’t even heard him come in.

“Hi.” I leaned back against him, lifting my arms to thread them around his neck. “I think I’m in love with your shower.”

“You’re cheating on me with the shower? Damn, Evelyn. That’s harsh.” He picked up a bar of soap and started washing me, rubbing it over my belly, my br**sts, softly between my legs. Once the soap suds had reached critical mass he helped the warm water chase the bubbles away. His big hands slid over my skin, bringing it to life and returning my hormones to me tenfold. One strong arm wrapped around my waist. The fingers of his other hand, however, lingered atop my sex, stroking lightly.

“I know you’re worried about being here. But you don’t need to be. Everything’ll be fine.” His lips brushed against my ear as the magic he was working on me grew. I could feel myself turning liquid hot like the water. My thighs trembled. I widened my stance, giving him more room.

“I—I know.”

“It’s you and me against the world.”

I couldn’t have kept the smile off my face if I tried.

“My lovely wife. Let’s go this way.” With careful steps he turned us, so that his back was to the water. I braced my hands on the glass wall. The tip of his finger teased between the lips of my sex, coaxing me open. God, he was good at this. “Your pu**y is the sweetest f**king thing I’ve ever seen.”

My insides fluttered with delight. “Whatever I did to deserve you, I need to do it much more often.”

He chuckled, his mouth fixing to the side of my neck and sucking, making me groan. I swear the room spun. Or that might have been my blood rushing about. For certain, my h*ps bucked of their own volition. But he didn’t let me go far. The hard length of him pressed against my butt and my lower back. My sex clenched unhappily, aching for more.



I tried to turn but his splayed hand against my middle stopped me. “Let me.”

“Let you what? What do you want, baby? Tell me and it’s yours.”

“I just want you.”

“You’ve got me. I’m all over you. Feel.” He pressed himself hard against me, holding me tight.


“Now, let’s see what happens when I strum your clit.”

Feather light strokes worked me higher and higher, all centered around that one magic spot. No great surprise he could play me to perfection. He’d already proven it several times over. And the way he rubbed himself against me drove me out of my mind. My body knew exactly what it wanted and it wasn’t his damn clever fingers. I wanted to feel that connection with him again.

“Wait,” I said, my voice high and needy.

“What, baby?”